HomeGoods Homebound

Okay, OKAY!  We’ve been busy, doing a little bit of travel, having house guests, and just generally trying to take it easy now that summer finally made it to the Pacific Northwest!  However, I did want to share a few items that came home with me since I was swooning hardcore for some great finds at Home Goods!  Fortunately for you, I actually did bring a few treasures home and wanted to share them with you!  I even made my very first Etsy purchase (more on that later!).

I couldn’t resist!  She was so pretty and her coloring said, “Take me home!  I promise I won’t shed!”  But seriously, I just had to have this stool to pair right next to my Dolce Lounge chair from Tar-jay.  And she’s so convenient for plopping a drink, a book, or (*sigh*) a remote.  We’ve been needing a little some’n some’n to buddy up with this chair and when I saw this at HomeGoods, I knew she would be ours.  And at $59.99, I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it!  And while I initially considered painting her white, I actually really like the additional texture it brings to this room, so she’s going to stay her shimmery creamy self until I decide that hot pink is the new ‘it’ color (might be tomorrow, ya never know!).  Stay tuned…

So I mentioned Etsy earlier.  Etsy is a website that is basically like a giant online craft fair.  Anybody who makes their own crafts (be it pillows, quilts, glassware, art, etc.) can log on, create a store and sell their wares to the masses.  I’ve been hearing about it for awhile now online and I haven’t really had the opportunity to take advantage of it (that whole house reno-ing thing, ya know).  So I thought I’d give it a try and look at what I found:

They are actually from a store on Etsy called Word Garden. Go give her some love because she creates some truly beautiful pieces!  The small lumbar pillow is made from a natural fabric with French words and sayings and I love the whimsical texture it brings to our space.  It’s really all about having fun and being playful and what could be more playful (or vintage feeling?) than some word art?  I also purchased from her this lovely crowned pillow, which I’ve put on Dr. J’s “Man Chair”.  Every man needs one and this is his….complete with a crown.  He loves me, he does ;-).

And while I was out, I thought I’d get myself some Hydrangeas…because they are in absolute abundance this time of year in the Pacific Northwest and they’re just too pretty to ignore!

So there ya have it!  Just a few little odds and ends that I’ve been picking up here and there and everywhere to keep things feelin’ fresh and inviting while all of this renovating is going on!  But what about you?!  Anything else going on in everybody’s world that makes you feel better about a renovation taking over your life?


4 thoughts on “HomeGoods Homebound

  1. Hey L – Lori is on Etsy (at least she used to be)….think her name is Spell It Out by Lori Sudler Design…or something like that…you should check it out.

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