Fun Finds: Home Goods strikes again!

So I’m sure we all know the glories of Home Goods, no?  I’m a total addict and there really is no better place to find exactly what you were looking for – even if you didn’t know you were looking for it.  I stopped by there recently on my way home from work without a plan (always a good idea when you go there!) and I ran across a bunch of cute things that I had to stop myself from purchasing (we do have to buy groceries, after all!).  However, I did have to buy a few things….it’ll be fun to guess which ones.  So I thought I’d share a few things with you that totally melted my butter.  Alas, I forgot to bring my *real* camera, so these are just a few iPhone photos:

These garden stools are all the rage these days and can be found at Pottery Barn , Ballard Designs, Wal-Mart, Target, and even PierOne (all the links are to *their* versions of a garden stool).  And if you have a spare $160 plus shipping and handling then they can all be yours, too!  Except for Pier One’s, which is so hideous it might actually be worth spending the $80 and spray-painting it a color of your choosing.  But this one above at HomeGoods is only $59 *and* has just the right amount of shimmer and glamour to any space.  Whoo to the hoo!  If you raise Whoo to the power of hoo, would it be Whoo Hooed?  *crickets*…..moving on….

How cute!  These globes were just calling my name!  Funny story – my mom saw a larger version of these globes (the blue ones are made of lapsis, black onyx, and mother-of-pearl) years ago for several thousand dollars at a jewelery store.  A couple months after that she happened to be in China and saw the same thing for less than half of the American price.  After a mid-night phone call to my father she subsequently purchased and dragged said globe all the way home from China.  And by “drag” I mean literally “dragged” – she couldn’t check it and so this 30 pound behemoth was her “pet” the entire 24 hour journey home through customs, through security, etc.  Fast forward 10 years and these smaller versions are only $20 apiece and ripe for the taking!  Now you can say you have your own little world… 🙂

Aren’t these just the cutest vases?  I love the texture and pop of color and that they just bring the right amount of interest, and mystery to a space (What’s inside???  Who knows?!?!)!  The great thing about these is that they could *easily* be spray painted to the your color and/or take all three home and paint them the same color and voila!  Instant matched set!  Me encanta!  That’s Spanish for I love!!!!

I heart this mirrored box!  I’ve become super aware of reflective surfaces lately and, as a result, I’ve decided that mirrors are my new best friend.  It’s like the perfect “neutral”.  Hey, no painting needed because it will automatically go with any decor.  It’s also so glam and Hollywood Regency chic.  And couldn’t we all use a little more Hollywood in our homes….?  Without the drama….??  Lindsay Lohans need not apply…

Hooray for springy greens and the trays they rode in on!  This would be such a cute tray to cart your drinks to/fro the kitchen on a hot summery day (oh, how we are hoping for those sometime soon in the Pacific NW!) or even sitting atop a coffee table to corral knick-knacks to create a punch of “happy”.  Throw in a vase of bright pink flowers and voila!  Spring-y-ness for a HomeGoods price!

This whimsical metal sign had me at hello!  Perhaps it’s because we’re doing our very own Laundry Room Makeover, but I absolutely love the antique-y cheekiness of this sign!  Hang it in your laundry room for a wee bit of playful decor, your kids’ room for a friendly reminder or, if you’re lucky, a fun little surprise in a walk-in closet…

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned wingback?!  They’re great, but this mod take on a theme is just too cute for words!  I could see two of these chairs flanking just about any fireplace and/or sofa you might throw its way for a fun take on an old classic!  Throw on a couple of happy pillows and you’re good to go!  If only I had the space….

I threw in this chair mostly for my family’s amusement.  My Grandma used to have the same exact spinny chairs as a holdover from the Eisenhower days that she reupholstered to the point of ad nauseum.  When we moved her out of her home a few years ago, these were up for grabs and, you guessed it!  None of us gobbled them up!  I guess it’s just a great reminder that what’s old is new again….and again….and again….

In the same vein as the vases above, this lamp really had me swooning.  Texture and (surprise!) it’s white!  It will go with just about any color scheme and I love the super mod drum shade that’s attached.  You could also spray paint this beauty or do a fancier painting technique like the one that we detailed a few months back.  Now if I only I had space for another lamp….hrmm…..

So there ya have it!  A little swooning at HomeGoods.  Be prepared when you go to spend more than you’d like, love more than you want, and expect the unexpected!


8 thoughts on “Fun Finds: Home Goods strikes again!

  1. I’m such a fan of the garden stool! I love the one you found. Pottery Barn charges $150 for it and I found one at Big Lots for $20! I love finding little bargains like that. =)

    Great finds! ❤

  2. Great finds! I am glad you posted this since I will be up there on Saturday…can’t wait to see what other goodies I can come up with. Oh and I am quite sure that lamp is a definite must have. I love their lamps!

    • Mallory –

      Home Goods is addicting! Consider this your forewarning….be scared….be very scared!!


  3. Yikes! It’s really the Grandma chair! I’ve known your Father since I was 14 years old and I don’t ever remember those 2 chairs NOT sitting in the same place in front of the fireplace. Some things are best left in retirement………


    • Julia –

      Thanks for stopping by! Home Goods is downright addicting!!! I give myself a budget whenever I go because I *know* I’m going to want like a dozen things….le sigh….better to be safe than poor!!!

      L Blogger

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