Airing our dirty Laundry: A little teaser post…

We’re back with another installment of the Laundry makeover series!  But this is just a teaser to let you know that we are *finally* onto installing the cork flooring!  But rather than give you the full reveal (which will probably take a couple more weeks due to work schedules, installation, poly-ing, timing, etc.) I thought I would give you just a little teaser post since everybody loves looking at Maggie flooring…

Purty, huh?  Especially when you consider that this is what we had to start with…

Ughhh….cream carpet in a hallway?  I’ll categorize that up there with hydrogen filled Zeppelins as one of the most stupendously UN-wise decisions of the past 100 years…..that and “unsinkable” ships, of course!  And while we were waiting for our floors to come in, we also went ahead and touched up the laundry room painting after completely ripping down sections of wall, but that really doesn’t warrant a photo just yet (whole upstairs = messy!).

Things are humming along….stay tuned!

Want to see the previous installments of our Laundry Room makeover?  Click here for Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3!


5 thoughts on “Airing our dirty Laundry: A little teaser post…

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