I don’t know about you, but I’m a Remodel-a-holic!

It is a truth universally accepted that to write a blog, you must first read blogs and give love and kudos where you can before you can really begin to understand the world of blogging.  Lately, I’ve been finding some dam-fab-u-lous blogs and I got all jazzed when I ran across Cassity’s website, *Remodelaholic.  If you can’t tell by her website’s name, it’s all about remodeling, reusing, repurposing, and recyling old wares and/or old homes.  It is an endless source of material for myself, including gems like the following:

I am totally in awe and in love with other peoples’ projects and while there are some pretty fabulous websites out there dedicated to other peoples’ homes and the projects that they are doing, the reality is that one household just can’t tackle an amazing Before & After Bliss every single day (believe me, we’ve tried – it just ain’t possible!).  So the beauty of Cassity’s website is that it gathers those amazing Befores & Afters in a wonderful site where she publishes amazing material from other readers multiple times a day!!  Talk about getting your Before & After fix!  Way to go, Cassity!

So I decided to send her an email a few weeks back detailing some of the better projects we’ve tackled here at Tell’er All About It, just to see what she thought and, believe it or not, she actually picked a few!  In fact, you might recognize a certain re-done hutch over on her website today. 

Don’t believe me?!  Click her button below and who knows what might happen:

All I have to say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH to Cassity for the shout out and stay tuned!  She might be giving me some more link love in a few weeks!  Thanks a bunch, Cassity!  You’re the best!!


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