With all the talk of warmer weather and summer just around the corner, I noticed the Coffee Table in our family room was starting to look a little dreary and a little dark on dark on wood on wood.  Here is the wintry Coffee Table-scape I started with:

So I “shopped my house” looking for items that would freshen and brighten up this table, bringing in more contrasting tones and colors all while keeping in vogue with my recent aversion to all dark colors.  So in spending no money (only time) in re-imagining my table-scape, this is what I came up with:

It’s a much more reflective and beachy theme than what was there before.  Here are a few close-up shots:

I found these two coffee mugs at Home Goods a few months back and finally found a better use for them than sitting in a corner!  They have our last name monograms on them and were only $3 apiece – score!  It’s perfect for stashing the hubs’ keys and iPhone and wallet and change and money and glasses and….no, of course it doesn’t annoy me when he drops it everywhere….now that we have these cute little mugs to capture it when he comes home from work ;-)!  I also have a white sea biscuit thrown in there to tie in the beachy white vibe and to keep it feeling fresh and unexpected.

On the other side I threw down this gorgeous reflective serving tray that is a little too impractical to use for serving food, but is perfect to inject a little bit more light and modernism to the traditional table.  By the way, it was sitting inside my hutch and collecting dust, so this is a much better use for it.  On top of that, I layered a star fish trivet (that I found at Tuesday Morning for a measly $2) and a simple glass vase filled with wine corks to inject some texture and interest.  At the last minute, I threw in a bowl of raw almonds for some added natural elements (and to encourage healthy snacking habits).  I may throw in some lemons or limes for an added punch of summer-y zing when we run out, but oranges, apples, or even pears would be a fun wintry alternative too!  Just make sure that you eat them quickly so they don’t spoil!

So You Tell’Us.  What do you think?!  Are you planning on switching out some decor in your house now that the weather is getting warmer and brighter?!


12 thoughts on “Table-scaping

    • Rhoda – Are you kidding?! Your blog is stellar! I’m so humbled you left me a comment-love!

      Faithful follower here 😉


  1. I am out touring Oregon blogs and stumbled upon you. Your table looks great, and you are so right that the best veggies are grown at home…good for you. I will be back:)

  2. Very cute L! (So hard not to use your full name 😛 )

    Love seeing your updates! You guys have such a cute house… I’d love to come visit some day! My husband and I are very drawn to the Pacific NW and hope to live there someday. For now we are stuck in Texas! Though I do love Texas 🙂

    Keep up the great work… I visit whenever I see a new update!


      • Kim –

        Thanks so much for all the kind words! We sometimes feel kind of weird broadcasting all of our wares to the world, but the parents sure do appreciate it, especially since they’re all back in Ohio! The Pac NW is lover-ly! Texas is tre awesome as well (but so hot in the summers – shoo-ee!!!). If you ever do come up to the Portland area, shoot me an email! We’d love to have you over!

        L-blogger 🙂

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