Gimme a break, will ya?

Gimme a break, gimme a break – break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat Bar!  It’s sad, isn’t it, how much the Millenial and GenX’s brains are completely cluttered with marketing jingles and jams, isn’t it?

That’s it!  We’ve had it!  Enough house work!  Why did we buy this house anyway?  Who knew that a five-year old house would end up being so much work?!  Why did we do this to ourselves?

Ok, just kidding!  We’re really not that dramatic!  In fact, we really love all of the housework that we’ve done, even if it does break our backs to get there.  It really is amazing how much of a difference a simple paint job can make to your “house self esteem”.  I’m not sure how else to explain it and, admittedly, that’s probably not the best description, but you really do feel so much better when the house feels clean, crisp and freshly painted.  I’d have to say my pride in my home increases every single time we jazz it up with something new, just like our recent guest bedroom and bathroom mini-makeovers!  Oh, who are we kidding?  If it takes longer than a weekend, then it’s definitely a makeover, wouldn’t you say?!

In fact, since we’ve got the time (and it’s Friday and Fridays are all about fun!), here are a few of *our* personal favorite makeovers that we’ve tackled so far:

L-Blogger’s Faves:

Front Pillars:

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but rebuilding our front entryway pillars really changed our front entry way so much.  You can read more about that project here.

Building a Fence:

When you have a 60 pound Mascot Mutt named Maggie, building a fence so she can’t run away with the circus really makes a big difference in how you live your life!  You can read about that project and how we tore up our backyard in the process by clicking here.

Kitchen Island Facade:

Adding beadboard to the back of our kitchen island was a big task for us at the time, but it really swank-i-fied the back side of our kitchen island, which is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door and it just makes the whole space feel so much more formal and, dare I say it?  Pretty!  You can read about that fun project here.

Dr. J’s Favorites:

Guest Bed Makeover:

It was hard to pick just three of our top favorites, but this recent bedroom beauty makeover is now posh enough for Posh Spice and/or maybe just a few anthropomorphic chinaware sets.  It’s been a popular redo and you can read about that here.

Guest Bath Mini-Makeover:

Not only did our recent guest bath re-do allow L-blogger to flex her artistic muscle, but it also allowed us to get rid of that builder’s grade mirror and put something just a wee bit nicer in its place.

Living Room Spruce-Up

While it doesn’t get a lot of air time on this blog, we’ve probably spent the most amount of time re-doing our Family Room area.  From installing the beadboard up above to replacing the baseboards, to redoing two grody old pieces of furniture, this room has evolved quite a bit from the first few days we lived here.  While the colors may not be overwhelmingly colorful or dramatic, the soothing soul of this room really makes us feel cozy, cuddly and serene every night!

Pretty crazy, huh?  And for whatever reason, we’ve been feeling pretty proud of ourselves here at Tell’er All About It for all of the back breaking work we’ve been putting into the house.  So proud, in fact, that we’re going to treat ourselves to a little time away from major renovations for a little while.  Well, it’s not exactly like a vacation or anything, it’s just a chance to regroup, do some research, and finally draw up plans for two pretty big projects that we’ve got coming down the pipe (or pike…which is it, anyway?  Does anybody really know or do you do like I do and just kind of fudge the last few letters?).

The Laundry Room:

Oh, sure, it’s cute!  In fact, painting those stripes was the biggest home improvement project we tackled prior to even moving into the house.  And I can remember back when it was finished how we both said, “Wow, this is our favorite room in the house!”  Now it’s just a downright disorganized mess!  But can ya blame us?  There is no storage, no cabinetry, no shelving unit, nada, nada, nada!  So all of our detergents, cleaners, irons, etc just kind of collect inside the doorway for lack of a better place to put them, causing tripping hazards to say the least, and just plain white trash ugly to say the most.  There, I said it so you don’t have to.  But we are in the process of drawing up some ideas to really take this room to the next level.  Here is my lofty wish list and hopefully you’ll get a “Visual Plan” at some point:

  • Upper Cabinets in White along the appliance wall
  • Sink plus small counter and extra storage for large cleaning items below (like detergent, etc)
  • Under counter lighting
  • Extra can lights in the ceiling (the room has no windows!)
  • A little bit of artwork on the wall??
  • Perhaps some storage for brooms, mops, etc.

There, now is that so much to ask?  Researching and executing all of this is going to be a pretty big project (potentially our biggest to date!), so we need to formulate a plan, a budget, etc, before we can even think about tackling it.  Hence, our mini-break reason #1 (and you thought it was a baby….sheesh!)

Central Air:

Now this is a controversial update to our house.  Most people in the Pacific NW do *not* have AC in their homes and swear by not having it or ever having it, yada, yada, yada.  It’s not uncommon to drive into a higher-end neighborhood and see window units hanging from most every room in the house.  Both houses we’ve lived in here are relatively new builds and neither of them have Central Air.  Not only that, but of the 30-40 houses we looked at when we were looking to buy, only a half dozen or so actually had AC.  Generally the weather is pretty mild here in the summer and there is absolutely NO humidity, so AC really is sort of unnecessary….

….that is, until last summer….

One of the worst heat waves in Pacific NW history convinced Dr. J and myself that our $8,000 first time homebuyers credit would be going to pay for central air as fast as we could say April 15th!  In fact, we had pretty much decided this fact before we even put an offer in on the house.  Hey, at least we had our priorities straight!  And as if we needed further convincing, the above-mentioned heat wave actually happened the week we first moved into our house.  Talk about misery!  But on the flip side, we ended up seeing a *lot* of new movies!

We’ve already begun the weighty task of setting up appointments and getting a few estimates for installations, etc.  This is definitely *not* a DIY project as we are just a little too scared of messing with our current furnace, etc.  Our house is also not entirely set up for a plug and play AC unit, so that means the install will probably take a couple of days.  Not only that, but we have to get approval from our HOA on placement of the exterior unit as well as waiting for our tax return to actually show up in our bank account (Hello, IRS, I’m talkin’ to you!).  Fortunately, we won’t be breaking our backs on this, but we might lose our minds!

But overall, the AC is simply a bribery technique to get more out-of-town visitors to come and stay and (hopefully) be a little more comfortable while they’re doing it!  and having a more comfortable guest bath and bed to stay in always helps, doesn’t it?

So there ya have it!  Our mini-break really isn’t a break at all!  It’s just more cerebral than anything else and we’re super excited about getting these updates done hopefully within the next 1-2 months.  And if you live close by and we have another heat wave this summer, then you are more than welcome to come crash at our place while it happens!  But don’t worry, we’ll be checking in regularly with other updates, including a Composting update, perhaps a little bit more fun with power tools, and some fun future project ideas!  Stay tunes!


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