Before & After Bliss: Be our Guest…Room!

It’s finito!  The Guest Room is finally finished and we can finally break out the good china and start singin’ “Be Our Guest” like the Broadway singers we are….not!  Not only does this transformation look like a million bucks, but it smells better than its former “Smoking Allowed” persona!  It’s certainly not “new carpet” smell, but that will come later when we finally shell out the big bucks for new carpet (probably sometime in 2011-2012).  We also have the satisfaction of knowing that we didn’t spend an arm and a leg for this gorgeous transformation – though we did *use* our arms and legs….and backs and knees and feet….ouch!  We’re still hurtin’ from this transformation and glad that it’s over!  But what about the big reveal?!  Ok, fine – here it is!  Remember what this dull Builder’s Buttercream painted room looked like before we moved in?

Well, here’s what it looks like as of now…after our Ben-Gay inducing transformation and without the benefit of sunshine to brighten things up a bit:

Isn’t the beadboard-plate rail combo just dee-lish?  And doesn’t it just provide a certain little some’n some’n to that room?  The plate rail is probably my favorite part of the whole room – architecture *and* organization in one?!  Seriously H-A-W-T!  And what’s even better, is that this project has been weighing heavy on our minds ever since we broke out the Monty Python references back in September with the proclamation of our Quest!  And here we are, close to 6 months later and it’s *finally* completed!  And it couldn’t come soon enough – Dr. J’s Grandmother is coming to visit this month and we wanted to be sure to get it all ready for its proverbial close up in time for her anticipated (though brief) arrival!  But enough about that, here are a few close up shots of the Guest Room in case you can’t make the flight out to the Pacific Northwest…

We still need to hang some artwork and play with furniture arrangement a bit but overall, we’re super excited about the results and can’t wait to welcome guests to our new digs when they come to visit!  We still can’t decide if the bed on the beadboard is a permanent home or if we should put it in front of the window for an added sense of drama and a better view to that gorge beadboard!  Eventually, when we go to sell, we’ll probably “stage” it so the bed is in front of the window so that potential buyers can look at the pretty woodwork, but the room does flow better this way.  But seriously, You Tell’Us!  How did we do and would you want to come visit us in the Pacific Northwest now that you have a swank bathroom and spiffed up guest bedroom to sleep in?!

And lastly, are we crazy?  Probably so, but you’ll either be devastated or excited to know that Tell’er All About It has decided to take a mini-spring break and hold out on major renos and DIYs for at least a couple of weeks.  We’ll explain more on why later, but I can tell you that a) I’m not pregnant (so stop asking!) and b) it’s yet another bribery technique to get people to come and visit – hehe!

So how did we get to this point?  Feel free to check in on our other installments in this room, like how we came up with a plan, choosing the paint colors, hanging and painting beadboard, and installing the crowning achievement in this room, baseboards and crown!


19 thoughts on “Before & After Bliss: Be our Guest…Room!

    • Hi, Cat!

      Thanks for stopping by! It took us awhile to go for a bold color in our house – almost every room in our house is some tone of neutral (check out the Nickel Tour if you don’t believe me!), but I really love bold colors, too! I think that a bold color is great in small amounts, which is why I think they work great in bedrooms (bedrooms have doors, which means you can close it off and no one’s the wiser!).

      if you decide to go bold, stop back and send me a pic or two! Would love to see what you end up doing! Good luck!


    • Thanks, Beth!

      Sounds like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks for the opinion! I think everything is going to stay put for now, but when we go to sell, we’ll listen to any advice the stagers will give us – they may want to see our sweat and tears! Ha Ha!

      The dresser was actually a flea market find back in Dr. J’s college days that he refinished and painted black. It’s one of my favorite pieces in the house! The Mirror? Good ol’ Home Goods!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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