Crown our Guest….Room

And by “Crown” I mean “Molding”. As in the “crowning achievement” of our Guest Bedroom. And here is a question for the ages – is it molding or moulding? I think it depends upon who you ask, but I’d just like to say that here at Tell’er All About It, we swing both ways. Just kidding! Actually, I did hear something interesting not too long ago – did you know the reason most molding/moulding is traditionally painted white? Because it was traditionally made with plaster and plaster was always white back in the day.  And in order to create it, you had to use a mold, hence, “molding”!  Learn something new every day, don’tcha?

The Guest Room continues its process of beautification! We started by painting the room, then we installed beadboard along the accent wall, and now we’re onto molding and baseboards! We’ve definitely tackled our fair share of baseboards in this house and the Guest Room was not free of the baseboard replacement spirit! This will mark the fourth time we have tackled a Baseboard project. The first was in our Office, second was in the kitchen when we hung beadboard the last time, and third was in our family room/front entryway. So when we went to tackle the baseboard project we had a pretty good idea of what we were doing. Couple that with the fact that Justin now has a Compound Miter Saw suited to cut baseboards and molding and we felt pretty confident in what we were doing!


…we’ve never hung Crown Molding before…and after our misadventures this past weekend, we almost completely swore off ever attempting the project again (but just almost….)! It’s realtively counterintuitive to what you would expect and even all of the experts profess that it certainly *is* counterintuitive and many websites we researched actually recommended buying much more crown than you actually need simply so you could mess around, make mistakes, and play with the wood. We didn’t suspect it would be so….downright odd, but I’m happy to report that we prevailed in the end….sort of ;-).

So what makes Crown such a stinker? First, crown hangs at a 45 or 38 degree angle (yes, I said 38!) to the wall, so when you cut the crown, you need to not only cut a MITER, but also a BEVEL. Essentially, you’re not working on simply an X and Y axis, but also a Z axis if you remember your trig classes from high school. So what does it all mean? A great big learning experience for L-blogger and Dr. J here at Tell’er All About It! Fortunately, we were able to get the crown completely hung and we were able to fudge any mistakes with a whole lot of caulk, paint, and sanding and we think it came out better than all right. But, seriously….You Tell’Us!  How did we do?


9 thoughts on “Crown our Guest….Room

  1. Looks awesome! Tip on the crown molding, should you ever decide to do it again – buy or make a jig that will hold the molding at the proper angle (38 or 45) and then all you have to do is make your angle cut. I don’t think they sell such jigs in the store, although I have never looked. They are pretty simple to make and you can probably find instructions somewhere online. I got the tip from Norm Abram on either This Old House or The New Yankee Workshop. Yes, I am a dork, but my molding turns out nice!

    • Drew –

      Thanks for the tip! We’re definitely doing it again, so we’re not deterred! They do sell jigs, but apparently not one to fit our saw – d’oh! However, you better believe we’re going to keep attempting it until we get it 100% correct! Shoot, we have 5-6 more rooms that need crown….;-)


    • Thanks, Eric!

      We hope to someday become big kids on the block but we’re working so hard on the house we don’t have as much time for the blog. Any tips?


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