26,000 Hits and Counting….

I’d just like to take this time to say….

We’ve had over 26,000 hits to our blog since our first post way back at the end of July!  Can you believe it?  We sure can’t!!  And that ain’t no April Fool’s joke!

Thanks for your continued readership and support!


2 thoughts on “26,000 Hits and Counting….

  1. Dear L and J,

    Thank you very much for joining us for an Urban Farmer dinner last night. I’m glad you enjoyed everything. The butterscotch sundae was an exceptional choice. I am happy that we could take good care of our neighbors. I am also looking forward to checking out tellerallaboutit. If Terri and I finally get a house it will most likely need work. We are going to need some expert advice. Hopefully we will see the two of you again soon.



    Dan Mages
    Manager – Urban Farmer
    dan.mages@urbanfarmerrestaurant.com| direct 503 • 802 • 4634
    525 SW Morrison • Portland, Oregon 97204
    p: 877 • 229 • 9995 | f: 503 • 802 • 5344 | http://www.theNines.com

    • Dan — we LOVED all the food at your restaurant last weekend. The whole idea local and organic food is near and dear to us (especially when it’s so tasty). We’re planning to write up a small post talking about the food here in Portland, and we’ll definitely be mentioning the Urban Farmer!

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