Be Our Guest….room…

I’m not sure what’s in the water here at Tell’er All About It, but we have been itching to finish off some decorating and painting projects the past few weeks.  Call it spring fever, call it what you will – but the fever has caught on here in the Pacific Northwest!  Take note, it could be contagious!  Next victim?  The Guest Room!

A few weeks ago we detailed all of the un-done projects in our house.  The Guest Room seemed pretty low on that list, but we actually have more family coming to visit, so we’re all about breaking out the fine china a la Beauty & the Beast and strike up the “Be Our Guest” theme song!  Short of opening our anthropromorphic possessed china cabinet to our guests with a catchy Broadway tune, we’re taking the less embarrassing approach; tearing apart the room and injecting some serious style into this really boring room!  We couldn’t let the Guest Bath have *all* the fun!

….zzzz…..zzzz……oh, I’m sorry!  I just fell asleep while typing this blog post.  I mean, seriously – totally boring, right?  Oh, sure, we’ve done a few things here and there to inject some utility and design into this space like hanging curtains, DIY-ing some art, and finally buying a few pieces of furniture, but we have yet to paint the room (and it’s smokey former self is really starting to get our sniffers, especially since the weather is creeping warmer every day!).  We also felt that the room could just use a little pizzazz outside of the neutral paint colors we’ve been injecting elsewhere in the house.  Not only that, but it just needed *some*thing interesting on those walls.  So here’s the plan…

  • First thing’s first!  We have *got* to paint this room. I’ve mentioned this before, but we’re pretty sure this room was the “Smoking Room” for the previous tenants.  It’s not an overwhelming smell, but when the weather turns balmy (or hotter than the depths of hell itself balmy), there is just a….shall we say it?  An essence?  Obviously the carpeting is the major culprit and even though we have steam cleaned our carpets, that smell won’t completely go away until we rip it out and put in new, which is not going to happen overnight (yet another reason why I think carpet is EVIL!).  Painting will certainly help and since I’m all about a cheap fix, painting it is!
  • Secondly, trim, trim, trim! I don’t care what anybody says.  I don’t care what the realtors believe, nothing caps off a room like beautiful trim molding, baseboards, and whatever else you can think to throw on your walls to make it look “mold-y”.  Get it??  I’m here all week, people!  Luckily, Dr. J got a fun Christmas present that we haven’t been able to use much and since we are completely nut-tastic DIYers, you better believe that some sort of trim work is in the master plan!
  • Picture Beads! We made the decision a long time ago that we needed to put something additionally “architectural” into this room aside from just baseboards and molding.  I mean, everybody puts up molding nowadays, so why not take it up a notch with some beadboard?  It’s obvious we love it and after we figured out how easy it was to install in our kitchen, we had to give it its due sequel!  I also wanted to incorporate a detail from my brother’s house in Ohio and have wanted to copy it since our Condo days back in Columbus.  It’s roughly akin to a very tall “Chair Rail”, but rather than going around the entire room, it only is showcased on one wall.  Confused yet?  Just wait, it’s gonna be great!

So that’s the plan, Stan.  Lucky for me, we were able to draft my visiting in-laws this weekend to help us move all of the furniture, so at the very least, I was able to weasel my way out of *one* portion of the remodel.  Muwahahahha!  Actually, just kidding – both Dr. J and I were very appreciative.  I mean, how couldn’t we be?!?

So stay tuned this week and into next as we reveal yet *another* room transformation….


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