Before & After Bliss: Our Guest Bath mini-makeover!

While we didn’t attempt a major bathroom demo and renovation in our guest bathroom (we did that well after this project in our master and that was PLENTY for us), we did take the bull by the horns and complete our guest bathroom mini-makeover – finally!  Can I hear a W00T W00T?!?!  So here’s everybody’s favorite part – the Before & Afters!  Our sad little guest bathroom as it was before we moved into our house seven long months ago:

…and here is the full she-bangin’ reveal after a few weekends of hard work and just a wee bit of money and spit polish!

The room just feels so much more glam now that it’s all completed (for now)!  Our guests can now shower in a room sans dirty walls and a whole lotta blah going on!  Part of that new and improved finesse came from just removing the old builder’s grade mirror and adding two mirrors over the sinks as well as a fresh coat of paint to liven things up a bit.  That in and of itself really makes the space feel much more polished and higher end.  I tell ya, paint can hide a lot of ills!

We didn’t really write any blog posts on it, but we also spray painted our light fixtures a silvery color to match our silvery colored faucets and hardware since the oil-rubbed bronze finish, while pretty, just didn’t match with the other metals in the room.  It instantly feels brighter, but it is just a temporary solution.  When we have a bit more $$$, we plan to replace *all* the faucets, fixtures, and lights so that they match and feel a little bit more higher end.

We also finally got around to hanging some artwork like the cute little stone pendant above and below.  We’ve actually had it for years but have never hung it anywhere because the colors just didn’t seem to fit in with anything we had.  Miraculously, the color scheme we went with in this bathroom was a perfect fit for this little medallion and it’s like we planned it that way.  Ha ha!  Actually, we didn’t, but it was just one happy little accident!  Score!

We also love how the green walls and the white mirrors coordinates with the already existing white tile countertop, which isn’t my favorite, but it’s there and we just decided it’s easier to work with it rather than against it.  This is a trick I’ve picked up from some of the design mags and shows – if you don’t like a certain aspect to your room but there’s no money in the budget to change it or remove it, then don’t fight it.  Work *with* it and then it will appear cohesive and deliberately designed.  Working with the white tile, we brought in white and bamboo accessories (which we already owned) so that the room feels more spa and zen-like than it did before.

…and just so you know, the above white dish actually *is* a dish!  Meaning that I would normally use it in the Dining Room, but I love the look of it so much that I’ve just stuffed it with cotton balls and swabs for our guests in case they run out and need a fresh supply!  I also have spare shampoos and soaps in the shower just in case!  Is this enticing you to want to come visit?  Or just stop by and use our shower?  That might be weird, but whatever floats your boat, sick-o!

We also hung up our brand new (and free!) homemade artwork on an old Pottery Barn ledge that was just sitting in the Room of Requirement waiting for a home.  I love how the color of the ledge offsets the monochromatic painting.  And just so you know, we have plans to frame this piece of artwork in a white frame, but we ran out of wood this past weekend and are just making do.  It kind of sinks into the wall color the way it is now, but it will pop even more with a nice white frame around it!

and for another view of our newly fab-u-lized guest bathroom, here is another shot…

We promised a budget breakdown of this bathroom makeover and while we didn’t make many large changes (such as changing light fixtures, bath hardware, etc – those are for later), we did make a few low cost, high-impact changes in this space and thought you might be interested to know just what we spent!

  • Paint & supplies: $30 (Valspar’s low-VOC paint in Carriage House Fioli)
  • Mirrors: $39.99 apiece from Target, which we painted Valspar’s Du Jour to repair the damage
  • New Blinds: $38 Levolor White blinds from Lowe’s, cut to size on sight!
  • Spray Paint for the light fixtures: $5
  • Artwork above the loo: FREE using leftover paints we had in storage
  • Grand Total: $152.98

Not a bad total for a high-impact makeover, eh?!  Other projects are on board in this bathroom as well, but for now, we can finally rest at ease knowing that while this bathroom *looks* very high end, it’s only in a Pretty Woman sort of way.  We all know better….*wink*wink*…

PS  Do you want to see another way to refinish a mirror?  Head on over to this link to check out how we spray painted a round mirror black!


15 thoughts on “Before & After Bliss: Our Guest Bath mini-makeover!

  1. Love it! I want to redo our master bathroom – not full reno… but a different color paint & some new accessories… eventually I’d like to replace the builder’s grade mirror & paint the vanity white… this was a wonderful inspiration! 🙂

  2. It looks nice. The only thing that caught my eye as “off” is the shower curtain. I think it should be lowered to skim the floor. Just my opinion, but it looks a little weird like that.

  3. Hi, Beth –

    You definitely bring up a good point. We likely screwed up the distance to the floor a bit when we rehung the curtain rod after painting. Fortunately it’s an easy fix!

    Thanks for stopping by.
    L-blogger 🙂

  4. Ok i’ll come and visit….but only if you have high end shampoo and conditioner to match your new high end bathroom…only the best for this little j-Bird…I like Warren Tricomi, Frederic Fekkai, and Aveda. chop chop. Kidding aside…it looks great!

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  8. Thanks so much for sharing your makeover! Looks fantastic! And I am totally digging the dishes for the cotton/Q-Tips. I also stole some things from my kitchen for my bathroom reveal later this week… great minds think alike right?!


    • Thanks for stopping by, Jen! Like I said, this makeover was a little while ago (back in March, methinks!). But I am a *big* believer in using pretty dishes for unconventional things. Why should beautiful things only come out for holidays?! Every day is a good china day!


  9. I think the shower curtain is fine. Mine is the same way (above the floor). This way I don’t have to worry about it getting too wet when my daughter uses the shower. She forgets that we have a drought. 😦

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