Champagne (Art) on a Beer Budget – Cost? FREE!

The last time I tackled a cheap art project, I stayed safely within the confines of my computer so that if I hated it, then I could just blame it on a less-than-stellar computer skillz.  But when we recently decided to tackle our guest bathroom for a mini-makeover, I tried to think outside the (computer) box in terms of art, all while keeping in mind my mantra for design – cheaper is better than expensive, but free is waaaaay better than cheap!

It’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of HGTV (house porn, anyone?).  I get so much inspiration from watching those shows and I’ve incorporated so much of what I see on TV into my own house and whatever is leftover is just stockpiled for future reference.  One of the scariest projects I’ve seen designers tackle on HGTV is taking leftover paint, a piece of scrap wood, and hardly any artistic talent to create something cool-looking when the budgets are a little thin.  Now I’ll be the first to admit I am no artist, I did not study art in school, nor have I studied any kind of art within the past ten years, but I was feeling a little overconfident this past Saturday and thought I’d try my hand at some good ol’ freehand painting.

Since we had taupe-y green tones going on in the bath and bamboo accessories, I started thinking that it would look really great to paint bamboo reeds to sort of tie in the whole theme.  I initially thought this was just going to be a practice run for an eventual wall mural, but decided that I liked the painting so much I just went with it!  I started by taking a piece of scrap wood we had lying around in the garage, primed it, and then painted it the same color as the walls.  This provided me with a good base and a coordinated color scheme right off the bat since it all ties into the same family!  Then this is where I just started wingin’ it…

Fortunately for me, I had about a dozen different colors to work with since part of our color picking process involves picking up 3 testers worth of paint each time!  But I decided to keep things simple and just do 4 colors and do a simple highlight/lowlight detail to make it pop just a wee bit.  It’s not much, but not bad for my second foray into homemade artwork!

Hey, it’s certainly no DaVinci, but it was free, so there ya go!  The plan is to create a white frame for this piece so that it doesn’t completely blend into the wall, but until that time You’Tell Us! What do you think?!?  Do you think you would be able to throw something super simple together like this?  Better yet, if this *does* inspire you to try your hand at some personal artwork, then send us your pics!  We’d love to see them!


6 thoughts on “Champagne (Art) on a Beer Budget – Cost? FREE!

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  5. It turned out really great, actually! I love plesant surprises like that. I don’t know if I want to modify mine or not, though…

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