Before & After Bliss: Window Sill-i-ness

I’m convinced when we are done with this house, there won’t be a single flat surface that hasn’t been touched by a paint brush!  This past weekend, Dr. J was out of town, so I spent some alone time painting window sills, which, sadly, wasn’t as “sill-y” as I hoped it would be!  To give you some idea of just how nasty our window sills are, here is a before picture to show you just how bad they are (and pretty much all of them look like this):

And just to cut this short and go spend time with the hubs…’s what a quick paint job will get you!

Clean, crisp, super-duper white!  I know it’s something really small, but our house is a blank slate filled with hundreds of small little problems like these.  Add them all up and they really do start to make a house feel “dowdy”.  Fixing just a few has made our space feel that much cleaner, crisper, newer, etc.  And while I didn’t paint *all* of the window sills in the house, I did manage to get through five total, which isn’t bad for a quick Sunday afternoon project!

Dr. J and I are really wrestling with what to do around the house this weekend now that we are both home and *some*body is anxious to use the Christmas present his wife bought for him…..hrmmm…..for a sneak peek, click here. I think some molding projects might be in our futures!!!



4 thoughts on “Before & After Bliss: Window Sill-i-ness

  1. “Nice saw…..Thanks, just had it cut.” Um, does that work, here? Molding (especially crown) adds such a nice look to a house and gives most rooms that je ne sais quoi that leaves visitors really liking your house. According to the newest cost vs. return date wrt selling a house, though, they are saying that you get ZERO return for adding molding to a house. But I disagree. It does not cost a lot (if you do it yourself) and it really finishes off a house nicely. Seriously, would you want a cake with no icing? Yea, didn’t think so. One thing that even sets off crown further is the multi piece approach. In our house, the baseboard molding is one piece of our crown molding. It is turned upside down and extends down from the bottom the crown – like a mirror image. It makes a big piece of crown absolutly massive and brings down the scale of our very large and tall great room/upstairs hall/foyer combo. Even if you do not have large baseboards, this is a nice design element that is really easy to do, not a lot of money, doesn’t take that much more time and, again, adds that je ne sais quoi! Magnifique!!

    • Jim –

      Wow, really? You get a “ZERO return for adding molding to a house.” That’s terribly surprising and, you’re right! I completely disagree as well! I think the problem with some of these new-fangled houses these days is that they *don’t* have that little bit of je ne sais quoi. And I’ve seen the two-piece approach to molding before. Any chance you could take a photo and send along to your wee lil’ sis for comparison’s sake? We’re probably going to do some molding upstairs with 9 foot ceilings, so not gonna go too crazy with big molding – we’re pinching our pennies for the downstairs on that one 😉


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