We’ve got a Fanpage!!

However….we *made* the fan page, so is it *really* a fan page if we created it?  Well, whatever!  Personally, I hate getting miscellaneous emails into my inbox, which is why I totally understand why you may not want to “Subscribe to this Blog”.  I think our Moms appreciate it, but, hey, they’re moms!  Remember when they thought a messy finger painting was high art?  Nothing’s changed ;-).

But, seriously, we’ve created a Fan Page on Facebook so that you can just clutter your Facebook homepage with miscellaneous updates from the Tell’er All About It crazies instead of cluttering up your inbox!  C’mon, it’ll give you something more fun to read than, say, playing Farmville – hehe – you know who you are!

Click the link down to the right to check out our home on Facebook!

PS  We haven’t forgotten those Facebook Fans out there!  In fact, we will be updating our blog later this week with a small paint job we I tackled this weekend.  Dr. J was in Salt Lake City taking in the slopes while I was stuck here workin’!


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