I found the butter to my bread – Amazon Wish Lists

Amazon.com’s Wish List. Seriously, check it out!  With my birthday and Christmas being basically the same day, I usually have to come up with a lot of fodder for generous parents and the like.  To many people this probably doesn’t sound like much of a problem, but I’ve passed the age of needing bikes and toys and “things” and have moved into the age of, “I need underwear and socks and things that nobody can afford!”  Totally *yawn* BO-ring!  And since we have multiple family members (approximately 8 siblings, 5 ridiculously Cuckoo-for-Christmas Padres, multiple Aunts/Uncles, etc.) coming up with enough items to satisfy everybody’s generous spirit has become…well….I’ll admit it….a little stressful!  Especially for a “underwear and socks” kind of girl like me.  Most people probably wouldn’t see this as a problem, but I don’t have the blog “Unclutterer” on my link list for nothing.

So I’m out browsing the internet one day, trying to come up with an organized way to make all the parents happy that I’ve at least given them *some* ideas of what I want without the stress of having to “manage” a list – kind of takes the fun out of Christmas, don’tcha think?  I come upon Amazon and this little link caught my eye in the upper right hand corner of the window just in time for the Fat Guy in Red to come down the chimney:

A Wish List?  Doth my eyes deceive me?!  So I clicked on the link and lo and behold, it’s just like registering for gifts on a gift registry only instead of it having to be all dishes or diapers, this was entirely anything I wanted it to be!  Score!  You put an item on your list and then what’s great about it is that as soon as somebody purchases that item, it falls off the list so nobody else will duplicate that item!  How friggin’ cool is that?!?!?!  But it’s not just for Amazon!  You can actually put a little button on your web browser called “Add to Wish List” and if you’re on another site that doesn’t partner directly with Amazon (say Pottery Barn, Ikea, Clothing stores, etc, etc), you can press that button, Amazon will open, and you add it to your Wish List!  Incredible!  And it worked!!  I didn’t get a single duplicated gift this year!!

So now I am a big, big fan of Amazon Wish lists for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Easter, Halloween – the sky’s the limit, baby!

However, it’s not completely without its pitfalls!  Here are a few things I have learned from being an Amazon-o-phile over the years:

  • Just because it’s on Amazon doesn’t necessarily mean it will come from Amazon.com – This may seem like a no-brainer, but it really threw my Mom when she was purchasing items.  For example, Amazon is pretty well known for selling books, movies, etc, but they aren’t necessarily well-known for selling things like, say, a Microwave filter, but it can absolutely be found there!  Here is what you need to look for to figure this out.  Look for the giant “In Stock” text and just beneath that will be a little information about who the seller is.  The one below is *not* from Amazon.com, for example:

  • So what gives?  Can’t I buy something from Amazon regardless of its origin? – Heck yea!  But here’s a little word to the wise – Amazon has a pretty generous return policy, though you do typically have to keep the receipt, print off a return ticket, pack it in a box, and ship it.  Not every “vendor” that sells items on Amazon will necessarily have the same return policy, so you’ll find yourself poking around a lot on other websites trying to figure out return policies, etc.  It can be done, but if you don’t have the patience for it (and you know who you are…), then I would recommend against it!  So if you’re going to add an item to your list, be sure that it is something you really want and know you won’t return and also be sure it is something that comes from Amazon directly to limit the back-and-forth of finding a return policy if you’re not entirely certain if it’s something you want.

That’s pretty much it as I see it.  I highly recommend putting something like this together for those people that constantly badger you with, “Look, I’m either going to get you a crappy Christmas sweater or something off your wish list, so what’s it gonna be?”  J and I exchange lists between the two of us and it’s usually just a word-of-mouth kind of thing and/or items that I really don’t want my in-laws buying me (underwear and socks anyone!??!).

So what do you think?!  Would something like this make your Christmas shopping a whole lot easier?  Would you put one together for your kids so the grandparents could know what to get the little munchkins? Tell’Us what you think!

PS  Amazon did not endorse me for this.  I just think it’s something that is so extraordinary that it is worth sharing with other people!  Enjoy it!

PPS  For those of you who have friended me on Facebook you already know this, but guess what?  The house next door to us finally sold!!!!!!!!!!  YIPPEE!!!  It’s a good thing we finally put blinds in our office and guest room ;-).

PPPS  Stay tuned later this week when we reveal all the loot that the big guy in red got for us this year!!!


One thought on “I found the butter to my bread – Amazon Wish Lists

  1. You should have posted something on your blog about wanting some sort of wish list online. We have been using Amazon wishlists for at least 5 years, and it has been the GREATEST thing ever!

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