Happy New Year! It’s so hard to say goodbye…to the 2000s!

Happy New Year!!!  At last, the Tell’er All About it fam has returned from the craziness that was Christmas, 2009!  We appreciate your patience these past few weeks as we’ve been entertaining family, traveling the West Coast, and just generally relaxing at home before a Hi-Ho-in-it Back to Work we go!  A lot of things have happened the past few weeks and we plan to report on some of the best points, including Christmas Loot, our trip down to California, and a few small house projects we completed during the holiday time off.

But regardless – can you believe that the 2000s have *finally* come to an end!  It’s hard to believe that at the beginning of this decade we were in an entirely different place in our lives than we are now – just another piece of evidentiary proof that changes happen so much faster when you become a bona fide adult!  Thank goodness for that!  In many ways, it was a very difficult decade, but in others it was oh-so-unbelievably great!  Here is the photographic proof:

J&I became best of friends in college:

We both graduated from college (we weren’t yet sweethearts, so here’s a flashback to J’s graduation day with his brothers):

We began dating – secretly, at first:

We got engaged (thankfully, this wasn’t a secret):

We started a family – and adopted our first dog/child – otherwise known as Maggie, the Mascot Mutt:

We got married – cheers!

Justin got his first job and we moved to Portland, Oregon!

…and then we bought a fixer-upper house that needed some serious love, which will no doubt keep us extremely busy for the whole of the 2010s…

What a journey!  Can you believe it?!  And the crazy part is that it’s only just started!!  Happy New Year to everyone, to all of our readers, to all of our potential readers, and here is to an amazing 2010 and an even more amazing decade!

Auld Lang Syne!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year! It’s so hard to say goodbye…to the 2000s!

  1. haha, so i finally caught up on your blogs (thank you, sick day). love the flashback first pic. and ps all your wedding pictures are so pretty!

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