Decking the Halls…for the very first time…

Deck the Halls with boughs of Holly….fa la la la la la la la la!  What’s a bough, anyway?  If you put it with ‘wow’, could it be a new Yuletide hip hop name?  Bough Wow?  I’m here all week, people… 😉  Don’t forget to tip your waiters!

We have been slowly but surely decorating our house all month and since we are having family out for the holidays we are uber-stoked about it!  However, finding places to put decorations was….ummm….not as easy as it had been in years past – that whole having a TV above your fireplace thing kind of cuts down on the “hanging the stockings by the chimney with care” aspect to your Christmas decor – damn trendy new houses!  But we thought we’d share a little bit of Christmas cheer with you and show you our first attempt at putting up Christmas decor in the new house….and we hardly spent a dime!  It’s Christmas at Tell’er All About It and you are invited!!!  Please enjoy the tour…

Front Door

Oh, you’re here!  Let me take your coat.  You brought cookies?!  Oh, you shouldn’t have!  But just in case anybody is taking note, I’m a BIG fan of Shortbread and my Mom’s very own Caramelatas…..mmmm…..but, please, come in, and admire the lights while you are outside and Maggie will greet you at the front door…

This was entirely J’s project this year.  We did have to purchase a few odds and ends and a timer, which are absolute lifesavers for Christmas lights!!!  Every night when I come home from work, the lights are on, and I don’t have to fuss with a plug in the dark in the rain (gotta love Portland!).  It’s such a lovely atmosphere to come home to – I wish we could keep the Christmas lights on all through the winter….but then we’d be *those* people….and nobody likes that.

The Bar – a libation, perhaps?

Can I offer you a drink?  Of course, there is always vino, but our personal favorite poisons are Manhattans, Gin & Tonics, Meyer Lemon Martinis (only in close proximity to growing regions, of course, like the West Coast), or Mojitos.  Well, we are plum out of basil and lemon, but I’m sure we could whip up a traditional Mojito if you are interested….

Well, we couldn’t hang the stockings by the chimney with care, so we used our fun “NOEL” Stocking holders in a new way – on the bar!  I mean, who doesn’t want to think about ye ole NOEL while getting ready to imbibe?  Basically, we hung Christmas ornaments with ribbon off our “former” Christmas Stocking holders.  Oh, you want a close up?  Well, I am here to deliver…

Did you notice the Santa and the Snowman?  Those are old Pottery Barn candles that always make an appearance every Christmas season.  And the NOEL?  A long time ago cheap-o Tar-jay purchase that keeps givin’ every year!  Oh, and don’t forget to bring in a little bit of outside in with some Sparkly Pine Cones and a few extra ornaments mixed in:

The Hutch (and those pesky stockings)

Oh, you don’t drink?  Well, we can still be friends!  In fact, let me show you where we put our stockings (since they can’t be hung by the chimney with care) on our newly re-fab-u-lized Hutch in the Family Room.

(…and, yes, we did block out our names to protect the innocent).  But who says that the stockings have to be hung by the Chimney?  I’m pretty sure Santa will find them anyway….and he has already started filling them early – sneaky, sneaky!  And while we’re here, we should point out our Cake Stand that typically holds wine corks and a candle has been transformed into this:

Old ornaments + a Christmas candle holder = understated elegance!  But what about the big guy???  We’re getting there…

The Wall O’ Mirrors….and a wreath, too!

This is one of my favorite decor tricks for Christmas – hanging a wreath over a mirror.  We just took a long piece of ribbon, hung the wreath halfway in between, nailed the ribbon to the wall underneath the mirror, and VOILA!  An instant glam-up for a classic piece:

The Big Guy – O Tannenbaum – The Christmas Tree – Piney Old Saint Nick

Everybody’s pride and joy….their tree.  And while the jury’s still out on in this house whether it’s more green to buy a live tree over a re-usable tree, we are staunchly in the artificial tree world (we are terrible Oregonians!).

I would like to thank my dog, Maggie, for standing still for a full 3 second shutter speed!  I’d also like to thank my Mother for sending us an early Christmas present in the manner of the Dolce Slipper chair from Tar-jay Land!  Finally, no more dining chairs in the family room!

Merry Christmas to all….and to all a good night!

Santa and his team of merry men (don’t you love how I mix the cultural references?) will be very busy the next two weeks entertaining family, traveling, enjoying the holiday cheer, and celebrating L-blogger’s birthday (and it’s a big one).  We may check in from time to time to show you what we are up to, but if we don’t, please don’t be concerned!



9 thoughts on “Decking the Halls…for the very first time…

  1. Thanks, Sarah!

    We decided not to go overboard on decor this year because it’s our first Christmas and we need to live with these things for a little while before really making decisions on such an important decorating aspect – Christmas!!! Have a great Holiday Season!


  2. Thanks so much for posting so we could see it! It’s warm and glowing and just perfect! The new chair is terrific and Maggie complements everything 🙂 We finally got some meyer lemons up here so let’s have a lemontini toast to all your accomplishments! You did it–you are ready for a wonderful Christmas celebration and a momentous birthday!

  3. ok…2 things…most people usually take the candles OUT of the plastic bag prior to displaying….but it’s ok….you’re just one of THOSE people….i will be sending my plastic couch cover to you asap. also, naughty/nice wrapping paper…quit stealing from me.

  4. This is kind of a random question, but I’ve been looking for stemware rack options, and I love yours above the bar. Would you mind telling me where you purchased them?

  5. Thank you so much! The Pottery Barn ones are BEAUTIFUL! A little pricey, but now I have a better direction for searching…I never would have guessed that they’re called ‘stem racks’!

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