An Impossible Mission? Part 2

So here is yet *another* post on the “Room of Requirement Saga”.  When we last left our heroes/bloggers, they were in the midst of taking a disgustingly cluttered spare bedroom from drab to oh-so-mission-impossible-fab.  But the mission stopped at building bookcases….the cliffhangers continue in this next installment, which I am dedicating to my good friend, Eric, who is living in Germany now, but just recently moved and wished he had “Gawked” his library stacking project at home in Ohio.  If you have any interest whatsoever in creating your own “Timelapses”, then check out this link.  It’s proven to be a super way to waste time on the weekends for us.

But continuing on…and this is a short post with the final result coming tomorrow!  I’m workin’ now, kids, so I gotta milk this blog for all it’s worth!  Enjoy the link to YouTube below to show you just how we learned our ABCs of stacking books.  If that link doesn’t work, then you can click here instead:

Some interesting things to note in this video are the following:

  • In the first few seconds, J is attaching the Ikea Billy Bookcases to the wall with the handily included brackets.  This is a super-important tip for *any* bookcase, especially if you have kids, but any tall bookcase *needs* to be attached to the wall whether or not you have wee ones in the house.  Thank you again, Ikea!
  • J & I couldn’t resist flipping through old books as we pulled them out of storage.  Mind you, it really has been nearly two full years since we last looked at some of these and books are like old friends that you got to know so well for a short (or long) period of time.  Flipping to one page in a book and you are instantly transported back to high school, to college, to whatever was going on in your life at that time….and it’s so hard to throw those memories away….
  • We also found some DVDs that we didn’t have any space to store elsewhere.  I found a curious item that you can see at about :40 in the video.  Let’s just say it was a Bachelorette Party present that I haven’t had the opportunity to practice…
  • Lastly, you can physically *watch* the passage of time as the sun moves across the room.  We’ve been having very rare weather in the Pacific NW these past few weeks – lots of sun and crispness, but absolutely frigid cold!!!  However, it makes for some nice photography ;-).

So there ya have our stacking mayhem!  Stay tuned tomorrow and we will publish the full she-bang with photos!

ABC easy as 123 do re mi, baby you and me now….


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