An Impossible Mission? Part 1

So yesterday’s post probably horrified a good portion of our reading audience.  However, you came back, so I assume that means inquiring minds want to know….If you missed yesterday’s post, then this is where we begin to dish the goods on the humble beginnings of our “Room of Requirement” transforming into a “Room of Consequence”.  Again, our timeline, and thus the project’s scope, has largely been dictated by the upcoming Christmas holiday and visiting family members.  But, honestly, isn’t that why we all do house projects on a timeline anyway???

Obviously, our biggest issue in this room are the books and books need bookcases, so Ikea to the rescue again!  This time in the form of the Billy Bookcase, which at $59.99 is a bargain indeed!  And while we would normally perform surgery on a bookcase or build our own from scratch, we opted instead for functionality over “fancy and time-consuming” – we will get to that another time when Christmas isn’t breathing down our backsides.  Also, while we wanted to try to remain “eco-friendly” on this project by buying used, we just weren’t able to find anything quite as large as what we needed (again, we are book addicts, so addicts need lots of storage).  But Ikea is considered a “greener” retailer since most of their furniture comes in “ship-friendly” flat-pack boxes:

Maggie inspecting the Billy before it's a bookcase...

They are also Toyota Matrix friendly – we managed to pack three Billy bookcase boxes along with several other large items in the back of my car without strapping any hubbies to the roof!  They even had wrapping paper on sale for $1.99/roll – score!

So this is where Part 1 of our Room of Requirement Makeover Mission begins.  This mission is classified as impossible.  Our mission, which we chose to accept, was to empty said Room of Requirement, assemble three Billy bookcases, fill with books, empty all of the boxes stacked in said room, and clean up the mess.  This message will self destruct in five….four….three….two….one:

You can click on the photo above to see the video or if that doesn’t work, then you can click here to view the same video.  We’re all about options here at Tell’er All About It!

There are some items you may notice in the video (which you need to exit this site in order to view).  No Ikea Assembly project is ever without its setbacks and we stumbled upon one soon after we finished putting the first bookcase together and we had to go back and fix our mistake.  We accidentally put the bottom of the bookcase on top and the top on bottom – oops!  Oh well!  We also used a jigsaw to carve out a little notch in the back of each bookcase so that they would fit *over* our baseboards and flush with the wall – Ikea was kind enough to cut out a portion of that notch, but we had to make it a little bigger.  And at the very end of the video, you’ll notice that we had to cut out an area for our power outlet.  We debated whether or not we should do it, but decided since we had the jigsaw upstairs anyway, now was as good a time as any!  But before we did that, I took the liberty to artfully draw a power outlet on the cardboard.  Hey, why not, right?

But, wait….that’s it?!  That’s all we’re getting today?  No books?  What gives?  How about a whole ‘nother video for you and a whole ‘nother post with the full shebangin’ after?!?  It’s getting there, so stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “An Impossible Mission? Part 1

    • Ikea’s a great place to go for that sort of thing. Not only are they cheap, but you can easily jerry-rig any of their bookcases to suit your tastes (add crown moulding, paint, etc). We definitely plan to “pretti-fy” our bookshelves down the line ;-).

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