Welcome to our personal nightmare…

Do you remember this room, the Room of Requirement?

‘Tis the Room of Requirement and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a…

….oh, Dear Lord…I guess the Mouse has been very busy since July when we “organized” this room. What has happened?!?! Well, as all things happen, any room without real “purpose” devolves into a disorganized mish-mash of unpacked boxes, miscellaneous broo-ha-ha and quite a few Aero-Beds. Here are our major dilemmas with this space:

  1. Books – Since J is a bona fide PhD (Piled Higher and Deeper) and spent most of his twenties in Universities throughout this great land, we have amassed forests worth of books. And since we are both diagnosed bibliophiles that believe books are beautiful, should be on display (unlike CDs and DVDs – YUCK!), and should *almost* never be thrown away, we have amassed quite a collection. In fact, the boxes above are filled to the brim with old textbooks, massive amounts of fiction, and other miscellany. But what’s exceptionally sad is that we haven’t been able to unpack the majority of our books since we moved away from Columbus, OH back in June 2008 – and, in reality, it’s actually longer because our books were some of the first things to be packed! We have a serious book problem…
  2. Storage – Oh, that’s right – there isn’t any!!!! While this room *does* have a walk-in closet filled to the brim with our ski clothes and other out of season items, there is absolutely no other storage in this space, particularly not for books. And since July, this room has served merely as a “Drop Room” a la “The Room of Requirement” (hence its designation) from the Harry Potter novels. Open the door, toss said miscellany, close the door, and hope to God that nothing kicks you while you’re on your way out. It’s a conundrum….and one that needs solving.
  3. Electronics – When you are married to a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, you are bound to amass a truck’s worth of these. And when you are both lovers of all things tech, these things have a tendency to reproduce like bunnies. An NES begats a GameCube which begats an X-Box, then an X-Box 36, plus wires, old computers = one disorganized mess. And while I am a big believer in getting rid of as much of this kind of stuff as possible, there is a little warm spot in my heart for some good ol’ school Super Mario Bros, so I reluctantly agree that these things should be kept – at least until we can find a more suitable place for them.
  4. Visitors – Christmas is coming, and while our list has been growing longer and longer, our time is growing shorter. This room needs to be cleaned and organized, stat, so that our family coming in from all over the country will actually have a place to rest while visions of sugarplums dance in their heads (hence the Aero-Bed collection). What to do?!?

All I will say is….stay tuned. A big transformation is coming and actually tore through Tell’er All About It this past weekend like a Mouse on Steroids….Before & After Bliss to come…



5 thoughts on “Welcome to our personal nightmare…

  1. I don’t think you’re going to get much sympathy from Abby (or our movers) on the book front…I, of course, applaud the sentiment (one of the reasons I’ve already shipped four boxes of books home from Germany).

    Actually, I’m surprised you guys haven’t built a library yet, given that shelving is about the easiest thing you can build with a few lengths of board and a table saw. That room’s perfect too, with at least the two long walls meeting in that corner (presumably the closet is to the left as you walk in the door?) That old kitchen table is perfect for a reading table, too.

    I fully expect to see something out of you two that would put my 3rd floor book nook to shame – now get to it (honestly, like you have anything better to do around the holidays).

  2. OK, short term solution. Cut the tops off the boxes and arrange them against the wall in a “Lego” type fashion to form a “book block”. Feel free to spray paint each box and voila’, a quick fix to display the books. Not a perfect idea and there are some inherant engineering issues, but nothing a PhD and a non PhD can’t figure out with a few bottles of vino and a couple of hours.

  3. I’m with you on the book thing…I hate to get rid of them, although I would think about maybe nixing the text books…those aren’t exactly like curling up with your favorite book and reading it for the 1000th time…but your call obviously…i’m sure you probably already had that discussion or you wouldn’t have lugged them out to portland to begin with. how tall are your ceilings? you could do a decorative shelf all the way around the room dropped down about 12-15 inches from the ceiling…won’t take any of your wall space for future furniture…and you could make it look pretty decent with the right crown moulding and maybe some hidden rope lighting….all depends on how you do it. just a thought.

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