Where there’s a will, there’s a way….

…or where there’s no money in the budget, the will makes a way!

Remember a few weeks back when J’s Uncle lovingly volunteered his 8,000 foot-long ladder?  Well, we still have it!  In fact, it’s been put to use at every possible moment to help us paint the upper echelons of our house exterior and it’s come in handy each and every time!  So that got me to thinkin’….and schemin’….and dreamin’….could we use it to paint our two-story stairwell??



We seriously considered hiring somebody to paint this large area because it was going to be a big and, albeit, very dangerous task.  In my mind, I envisioned scaffolding and climbing harnesses, but then I thought back to the “Ladder of God” taking up our entire garage.  Really, if you considered it, most painting contractors would simply buy extra long extension poles and use one large ladder….which we happened to have….hrmmm….by God, we’ve painted darn near everything *else* in this house, why not this?!?  And I should say, this was completely my bird-brained idea.

So we started by breaking out our front window…


…and, boy, was that glass a b%^& to clean up!  Kidding, people!  We just removed the screen and opened up the window because this ladder certainly wasn’t going to bend around that corner (which was also a b%^& when we were moving our 300 pound computer Armoire up the stairs, but that’s another story).  One of these days, I’m going to build a ramp and ski jump out that window…

Once we got the ladder inside the stairwell, the only other thing that we needed to do was buy large extension poles for our paint rollers and then a few handy dandy tools like this:

Corner Thing

and this…

Edger Pic

Then we bought ourselves some long poles and set to work!



J, tackling new heights..


L, fighting a fever, figured it was safer on the ground...

Oh, and we had to do some *serious* patchwork in our stairwell.  As my Father-in-law wisely put it, they probably just threw everything down the stairwell and it landed at the bottom in a heap and dinged up the walls.  Wrestling the 300-pound Armoire up this narrow alley didn’t help either, but we won’t get into that:


So we patched like Adams and painted right over it:


…and now it’s as clean as could be…


..and while we were making a mess, we went ahead and repainted the window sills as well.  The baseboards will need to be replaced later, so that’s on the list as well.  But here is a little tour around the stairwell to give you an idea of how much we painted:


Looking up from the landing (the stairs are to the right), we painted all of the walls and all the way to the ceiling!


J, replacing the banister and admiring our handy work up the stairs!

So the will found a way and the bank account is much happier as a result!  A project that we could have contracted out for several hundred dollars (who knows how much it would have cost?) took us time on a Saturday afternoon and about $30 in supplies.  Really, you can’t beat that!


8 thoughts on “Where there’s a will, there’s a way….

  1. I really thought you busted that window! Whew! I am glad you didn’t though. Nice job on painting and I can’t wait to see this house in person! xoxo

    • Thanks for stopping by, Danielle! I would say just be persistent! You’re not always going to get 100% coverage on everything, but just keep at it! We’re still spot checking here and there (and as the light changes, your eyes catch different spots differently). And since it’s such a large area, I’d say keep the color on the light side so that it’s not overwhelmingly spotty (darker colors mean more coats mean more chances to screw up the coverage). Hope this helps!

  2. Hi, Sarah

    Thanks for stopping by! I would say that the Shurline edgers work better than hiring a Jolly Green Giant, but not as well as a brush. I find edging with a brush to be slower, but with better coverage. The SL Edgers are a little ungangly to put paint on and you definitely have to use more coats, but I think it’s worth it, especially if you are doing an exceptionally tall area and can’t tape the edges!

    Hope that helps!

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