We’re Back…(we were gone?!)

It’s true, life intervenes.  Just like those crazy sex-changing frogs in Jurassic Park, it finds a funny way of opening the flood gates when you least expect it, hence the desert-like barrenness of our blog as of late.  This post isn’t really about home-y things, however, I do feel a certain satisfaction knowing that my family dressed up as everybody’s favorite video-game-acid-trip has been taking center stage for more than a week now!

So I’ll sum up the “life” part in one sentence and in user-friendly chronological order.  I interviewed for another job, J’s Grandfather passed away the same day, we flew to Boston, I got said job, attended funeral, got sick (both of us), flew back to Portland, accepted such job, and laid horizontal for a full day while I let 100-degree fever do its dirty work.  Shew!

For the readers who want to know the nitty gritty, continue reading…

The Job: Recruitment, which is what I have done before, but this time instead of Recruiting IT people, I’m recruiting Nurses!  Hey, my Mom is a Nurse, I know nurses, etc – why not, right?!  Seriously, it sounds like a good opportunity and I’m looking forward to being employed again (more on that later).

The Funeral: It was very sad.  J’s Grandfather, Cap’n Jack, was a Patriarch for his family in every sense of the word.  He’s the type of Patriarch that everybody wants; sharp, spry, and with a keen interest to embarrass you at every possible occasion – a typical Grandfather.  Sadly, I only met him three times (and one of those times was at my wedding, so that certainly doesn’t count), but I was telling J’s Aunts and Mother that I feel like I knew him just by the stories that people told about him.  But may he rest in peace and find a good sea to sail and a golf course to play wherever he may be…


The clu (not really a cold, but not really a flu either): I’m fine, but I’d stay out of sneezing range for at least a few more days if I were you.  I was horizontal all day yesterday and had to crawl to let the dog out – luckily she understood something was amiss and tried to lick me to make me feel better.  Aren’t dogs the best?

Veteran’s Day (I meant to post yesterday, but the clu got in the way): And, lastly, I have to give a (late) shout out to all those Veteran’s out there!  I called my Grandpa yesterday and thanked him for his service during WWII, though with my level of congestion and the fact that I got the answering machine, who knows what he actually got out of it.  My Grandfather served in the Infantry in Europe.  He won three Bronze Stars, fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and was in Normandy 11 days after D-Day and walked up the beach.  Grandpa will sometimes tell stories of those years “during the war” and, for a brief moment, history comes alive and I’m waiting in the bushes with him while he pulls the safety off his gun to get the best shot, knowing full well that the man on the other side of the barrel was just as frightened as he was.  On rare occasions, he will head to the attic to fetch the Luger pistol that he pilfered from a fallen SS Officer with a Swastika and the Officer’s name still emblazoned on the holster, and a shudder runs down my spine.  And I think to myself, “Is it possible?  Was it real?  Did it really happen just that way?”  Recently, Grandpa was able to attend an “Honor Flight”, which is a program designed to fly Veterans to Washington, D.C. to see their respective war memorials along with one “Chaperone”.  If you know a Veteran who has not seen their memorial, check out the website and sign them up.  And kiss or hug your fellow Vet every chance you get and thank them for the freedoms we have today.

Dante 2 9-06

My Grandpa, several years ago for a local parade

Thank you to our Vets, God Speed and much love, Cap’n Jack, and thank goodness to be back to work again!


J&I hugging Cap'n Jack at our Wedding, one of our favorite pics from that day...


6 thoughts on “We’re Back…(we were gone?!)

  1. This is a very emotional & sweet post. I found your blog from your awesome hutch re-do @ YHL, but this post caught my eye. I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. That last picture is just darling & I’m sure you are so grateful to have it!

    Glad your feeling better.. I also had the CLU! Looking forward to reading more about your journey renovating your home!

    xo Erin@This Lovely City

    • Thanks, Erin! Sometimes, when crazy things happen in your life, you just need to vent on it for a bit. We have many projects up our sleeves, so I’m looking forward to your input!

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