SNAHU: Situation Normal, All Held Up

Agreed, bad pun.  Disagree, Father Time and L-Blogger Extraordinaire.  The hubs has been werkin’ like a dog on a major deadline at work and has been (hold your breath) working 7 days a week since early October with his team to get caught up.  Le sigh.  So there go all of our housing projects until this quiets down, unfortunately.  I’ve been doing my bits here and there, but I have also been busy with other projects such as interviewing for jobs, oddly enough (please don’t ask) and planning for our small Housewarming/Halloween party over the past weekend.  This wouldn’t be a fun DIY blog if we didn’t include DIY costumes!  It all began with this:  


A costume for Maggie, the Mascot Mutt, found at Target for $8 (which we negotiated down from $10 because the hat was missing).  That got me thinking of turtle-y things that we could be in response and I came up with Super Mario Brothers!  Specifically the following:  

mario diycostume


bowser diy costume


koopa dog costume

Koopa Trooper

So after J-man went out and spent some mint on a hot glue gun and supplies (including felt and spikes) from Michael’s, our family became everybody’s favorite video-game-acid-trip:  


Family Power!


J-man as Bowser!


L-blogger as Mario!

Now if we just had a Luigi and a Toadstool, we’d be all set!  Ah well, maybe next year!  

Happy Halloween, everybody!!!


4 thoughts on “SNAHU: Situation Normal, All Held Up

  1. okay – after too many cleaning products fumes (and perhaps scotch and wine) Auntie Jill and I think you are hilarious though Maggie is the cutiest! see you soon – xo jt and AJ

  2. L, that is friggin hysterical!!! Although, and this is the first time you will ever hear this, I think you may have been too tall to play Mario!!!

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