Meet my nemesis, Sir Isaac Newton…

He and I aren’t the best of friends lately.  We’ve been feuding over gravitational pull and house projects.  He is *always* getting in the way.  Our latest decor dilemma left me with some evidence that I would sooner put back where it came from if I could….but let’s make this about Home Stuff and not turn me into an 80 year old Grandma who can only talk about her maladies in a “woe-is-me” fashion.  Though you know this post will end with some sort of lesson learned…

  • Mission:  Inject interest into a boring and looooooong wall (17′ to be precise)
  • Challenge:  Do it on a budget and try to use as many items lying around the house as possible
  • Prediction:  Setbacks will abound – they always do – so deal with them on the fly 😉

The wall in question is in our Family Room opposite the sliding glass doors (17 feet long!!!):


We really didn’t want to have to spend a lot of money to put something on the walls, and since we have no overhead lighting in this room, we thought a good idea would be to bring in a mirror collage to really reflect some of the light back and forth and make the room appear larger.  It’s also *waaaay* more updated than say a floor to ceiling mirror a la our old Condo, which just makes the space look like it’s Marty McFly’n it back to 1985.  Framed mirrors, frameless mirrors, big mirrors, small mirrors, etc.  Put them all together on a wall – instant glam.

But we only had one mirror….d’oh!  So off to Home Goods we went to find more mirrors!  Less than $50 later and we had not one mirror, but three!!!  Honestly, though, one of the mirrors was absolutely hideous, but at $19.99 it was a price we couldn’t pass up:


I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again – Spray Paint is your best friend!!  Since we already had one black framed mirror, we figured we could just spray paint the ugliest of the uglies from Home Goods and get all of our mirrors to match.  Naturally, the round mirror was the only one that didn’t come out of its frame – oh, bother!  So while it took us a long time to tape, it was definitely worth it!


We then sanded the mirror down really quickly to remove the glossy finish and then wiped off the excess before we got our paint on.  And I should mention here for posterity that the next time I do lots of Spray Painting I’m really going to wear a mask because I find myself blowing my nose the next morning and wondering how *that* got up my nose…blech!


The trick to spray painting is to use long quick strokes and constantly keep your hand moving.  Otherwise you will get globby globbersons, which might be good for chocolate sauce, but not for paint.

So after we finished spray painting our mirrors, we waited a day before cleaning them up and hanging.  This, of course, is where Sir Isaac Newton and I differ.  I wanted them up and he wanted them down.  I was hanging a large framed mirror (probably 30 pounds worth) and then it dropped and landed square on my thigh and gave me a little bit of this:


…and then 24 hours later it blossomed into this exciting number…


You shoulda seen the *other* guy.  Ain’t she a beaut?!  But even though Newton left me with a doozie, I prevailed in the end!!!  Setbacks are only temporary, as is pain.  And this is how the story ends:



Conclusion?  Newton was WRONG!  Secondary conclusion?  We need more mirrors….hmmm…Tertiary conclusion?  My leg still hurts…


8 thoughts on “Meet my nemesis, Sir Isaac Newton…

  1. I love it. You might be the only person outside of myself and my science profs back at OSU to use the word tertiary. Oh, and the wall looks good too.

  2. Gee, Linds, I think it was Claire Boothe Luce who said, “We must suffer to be beautiful”, but I don’t think she was referring to home decorating! Looks terrific though. Feel better 🙂

  3. What? No picture of the kleenex of “that”? You’re blog slacking. Tee hee hee. just kidding. Yes you do need more mirrors, but it’s off to a good start. Maybe you could go to a flea market. Good finds.

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