Painting update!

It is D-U-N!  The downstairs has been *completely* painted except for the Powder Room!  The walls are clean, there are no more gouges, no more finger prints, holes in the walls, shoe scuffs, food stains, grease stains, Kool-Aid spills (at least, I hope it was Kool-Aid!), etc.  We have also painted all of the upstairs hallway and the only thing left in the “hallway” part of the home is the stairwell (which has its own set of challenges).  The former owner’s nightmarish upkeep skills are finally fading away…

We will update with pictures later on – we finally ordered some window coverings this past weekend (thank you, BB&B!!) for our kitchen and dining area, so once we get those, we will update with the full she-bang.  But overall, our color inspiration was just to keep things light, airy, and cohesive with pretty light colors throughout.  The reason being is that we have a few “challenges” in our public spaces: 1) It’s all one big space (from the family room to our master bedroom door), 2) We have very dark cabinetry and floors, and 3) We have no overhead lighting in our Family Room so it already felt “cave-like” without really trying.  So the goal was to get the walls “clean” without darkening up the space anymore than was absolutely necessary.

Now don’t be concerned – we are certainly not fearful of color!  However, we learned our lesson years ago when we had another set of challenges in another place we lived in and we went koo-koo for color.  Those of you who know us may recall this challenge well:

Don't judge us - we were experimenting!


I know, I know…It was a long time ago, alright?  And while I am certain it would please my mother to no end to say that I was wrong and she was right, I personally feel that it was my own personal “color revenge” that never quite played out the way I wanted.  I still like the above colors (though not as much as I used to), but I believe there are other ways to inject color into a space without it feeling like a Circus Top.

So there ya have it!  J&I are totally diggin’ our clean walls, the lack of “Builder’s Buttercream” paint left almost anywhere, and the lighter, brighter color scheme to contrast with our dark floors, dark kitchen cabinetry, and lack of overall lighting scheme.  Once we get our window treatments, we will update “The Nickel Tour” with the changes and keep you guys posted!


6 thoughts on “Painting update!

  1. Pictures, pictures, pictures!!! I’ve seen the condo (hell I lived there) I want to see your house!!!! Painting is hell, is it not?

  2. I like the Condo colors, too, but I think J & I wanted to go down the route of keeping things cohesive in an open-concept space, which instantly makes the space feel larger.

  3. I think you misspelled D-U-N!!! Be sure to set up an appt with the doctor to get that fixed!! Love the place! Keep up the good work!!

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