Drink, Drank, Drunk…

Let’s file this one under more ways to consume alcohol than you probably needed to know..

After a long day spent driving from the in-laws house in Washington State, J & I returned home on Sunday evening craving a “drink”.  My summertime poison has been a good old-fashioned Mojito (Rum, Mint, Lime, sugar, and top it off with some Club Soda).  It’s essentially the Caribbean version of a Mint Julep minus the Club Soda.  So anyway, after a weekend spent away, we returned home to NO lime and NO mint!  Tragic!  So now what do we do??

My friends, necessity is the mother of all invention – and when you *need* a drink you can get pretty darn inventive, especially if you *really* don’t want to go to the grocery store!  After a quick scan of the refrigerator, we noticed that we had a bowl full of lemons and this:


The world’s largest tub of Basil.  Lemons….Basil….hrmmm….did you know that Basil and Mint are related?  And Basil and Lemon go together like PB&J.  I believe it’s happy hour!!!

J&L’s Basil-Lemon Mojito (measurements are approximate)

First off, tear your Basil leaves and throw them into your glass.  It should come about halfway up your glass:


Then top it off with 1-2 teaspoons of sugar.  We happened to use Sugar in the Raw, but you could use any Sugar you have on hand (minus Confectioner’s Sugar):


Then MASH!  Do the Monster Mash….and don’t go gettin’ all fancy-pants on me and use a muddler – the back of a wooden spoon will do just fine!


Don’t kill the basil, but the idea is to release the flavors and juices using the sugar as an “abrasive”.  You should get a little “paste” that looks a bit like this:


Add your lemon juice – and, yes, we used *real* lemon juice.  Basically, you need one half of a lemon for a small glass and probably one whole lemon for a larger glass.  Fill up your glass with ice.  Crushed is better than whole, but since we don’t have an ice dispenser, we just went with whole.  Then YO HO, it’s time for RUM!  J’s rum of choice is Bacardi 8 year dark rum.  It’s not a higher alcohol content, but it has a better taste.  Take this from somebody who has actually visited the Bacardi factory in San Juan and was of drinking age at the time (certainly not me!).  Fill it up about halfway:


Give it a stir (or a shake if you’re using a shaker) and then top it all off with Club Soda:


So what’s the verdict?  Well, I had two and J is convinced that he will be having *these* from now on as opposed to the Mint Mojitos.  I think they are a curious and interesting alternative, to be sure!  Give it a shot – Tell’Us what you think!


4 thoughts on “Drink, Drank, Drunk…

  1. Um, weird! But the way I look at it, you could probably pick up a cow patty, put it in alcohol and it would taste pretty good! Alcohol (especially 8yo rum) makes all things better.

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