What the…?

So I haven’t mentioned it yet, but we have been hard at work here at Tell’er All About It this past weekend.  We are *almost* done, but admittedly, not quite.  In the meantime, here is a little hint to whet your whistle.  Any ideas what’s going on in this photo?  Why are we writing on the walls?


Any guesses?


4 thoughts on “What the…?

  1. OOH! do you have one of those walls made of white boards? because that would be awesome…

    i somehow dobut that’s it…or you’re going to paint over it and somewhere down the road someone will see this info and it will be fun…or you’re going to hang something there…i could guess all day…

  2. You started to brain storm in the middle of the night and had only lipstick to write on the wall. No? Hummmm! Maybe you are going to leave an Easter Egg for the lucky sap, er, soul that tears down whatever you are going to build there? If so, leave a newspaper in there if you have room. Those are always cool.

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