Here’s just a quick post.  After tearing down our prickly blackberry bush, drilling post holes, and building a fence, our backyard grass was given the pink slip.  Knowing full well that we have a 60 pound dog that uses our backyard as her personal loo and white carpet (what were the builders thinking?!?!?) in our back door entry way, we pretty much needed to find a way to get grass in our backyard quickly and cheaply before our backyard turns into a giant mud pit for the winter!  Just after Labor Day, we threw out a ton of grass seed and covered it with topsoil (more builder brilliance – we don’t have soil in our yard, just construction dirt and debris) and hoped for the best.  We’ve had a few days of rain this week and look what we found!


By jove, I think it worked!  Unfortunately, we still have tons of weeds in our backyard, but we’re hoping the grass will choke it out through the winter.  Luckily, grass doesn’t go completely dormant in the Pacific NW rainy winters.  So here’s hoping that by next spring we’ll have a grass jungle on our hands (or under our feet?!).


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