You Tell’Us! To Granite or not to Granite?

Granite, Granite, Granite!  It’s everywhere!  Everybody has it in their kitchens, their bathrooms, and it is so popular these days it’s almost trendy!  However, Granite *does* need to be sealed (about every 6 months or so).  That’s not a terrible thing, but if you *don’t* seal it, then this is what happens when you leave something wet on the counter for too long:


Welp, now we know our Granite Counters aren’t sealed!  Ha ha!  Well, we actually knew that already, mostly as a result of all of the stains in our counters that will never come out from the prior owners.  Since the above photo was taken, we have purchased an over-the-counter Stone Sealer (available at Lowe’s/Home Depot/local hardware store) and the counters are thankfully sealed!  Phew!

However, we would like to replace our counters at some point down the line.  So….You Tell’Us!  What would you recommend for counter tops in a kitchen?  Do you like Granite?  Love it?  Hate it?  Tell’Us what you think because we really want to know since we’ll be shopping for new counters as soon as the bank account allows (umm…not a top priority, but it will be done before we put this house on the market – some day…).  Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this posting and share with us and with the rest of our readers.  I’m sure everyone would like to know!

And, lastly, if you keep Oils, Vinegars, etc., on your kitchen counter like I do, protect your expensive (or not so expensive) counters with a little tray like this one:


It’s actually the Jamestown Round Server from Southern Living at Home.  I am a Consultant, so if you’re ever interested…drop me a line!


5 thoughts on “You Tell’Us! To Granite or not to Granite?

  1. I’m looking into changing my countertops right now and I’m leaning towards granite. I think that future buyers are attracted to it, plus it lasts forever (unlike the ugly laminate I have at the moment).
    The suppliers that I’ve been to say it doesn’t need to be resealed more than every 5 years so I’m wondering if you have a different product on your current counters?

    • Wow, Kasey – that’s a darn good point, actually! Our “Granite” is actually tiles, so it’s definitely not a “high-quality” granite (if that’s what it is at all). You’re absolutely right that future buyers are attracted to it (and it’s supposedly the second hardest material on earth after diamonds), so that has to count for something, right? We are still so torn!

  2. Granite. There is nothing as rich as granite. There is nothing else like it when you want to put that hot plate right from the oven on something and the oven mitt is starting to get really hot on your little fingers. Formed with tons of pressure and at over a thousand degrees, you’re not gonna hurt it with your little glass container at a paltry 450 degrees. But, it does like to break your glass, plates, bowls and the like, so be careful. Also, if you are buying, there are granite “remenant” shops in most metro areas, so look for those; especially if you have small runs of countertop. You can also sell your old counter on Craigs List!!!

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