Before & After Bliss: More Curb Appeal!

Finally a weekend at home and, of course, we spent it working around the house.  Our list got slightly shorter this weekend, though!  Here’s the update in the SAFE category!:


  • Buy and install (by ourselves, of course!) a new Hot Water Tank!  That should be fun!
  • Buy and install a garage door opener (our house never had one installed – what gives?)
  • Window Dressings for a minimum of 4 more windows.  Is privacy a safety factor?
  • Caulking our outdoor “leaks” and repainting almost all of our window aprons before winter sets in.
  • Replacing the seals on our front door and our garage entry door so that they don’t leak – and while we’re at it, see if we can fix our “leaning tower of Pisa” doors.
  • Service the Furnace – we can’t turn it on until we do!  Could be a cold winter…Brr…

One down!  And we also cleaned out my car this weekend hood to boot, played a healthy dose of Rock Band, so I’d call that an all-around successful weekend!  Here is a little Before & After:


The front of our house, getting prepped for a minor facelift.  But what’s the big deal?


No, wait….don’t tell me.  Has it come back??


Yes, it’s the Return of the Caulking Kerfuffle!  Say that 5 times fast!  Our window aprons were treated with the same laissez-faire caulking treatment that our front entry pillars were given.  In fact, the repair job was so shoddy that when J climbed up there to caulk the window aprons, there was a good quarter-of-an-inch gap between the window and the apron – yikes!!  It probably goes without saying that any sort of gap around a window is a *baaaad* thing indeed, especially with our wet winter weather just around the corner here in the Pacific NW.  Once that moisture gets into those cracks, it breaks down the seals, creates more leaks, creates mold, creates problems, and then the house collapses into a bubbling pile of goo…definitely not a happy prospect when you’re still paying the mortgage – eek!

Oh, and, yes, I am deathly afraid of heights, so this job lay resolutely in the blue corner.  However, not to be deterred, I *did* Caulk my very own window and painted it last week – just a window on the first floor….that whole fear of heights thing!

DSC_0359Do you notice Maggie enjoying the view in the above photo?


Ahhh….so much better!  But on to the guts of it!  And the Captain Morgan pose!  Mad props to J’s Aunt and Uncle who let us borrow their 9,000 ft long ladder for this job:


Look, Ma!  No hands!!!  Oh, if only we could’ve put the climbing harnesses on for this one – that would have been awesome!


And now for the Full Monty reveal (well, not the *real* Full Monty….moving on!).  The Before (from before we closed on the house).


And the After with a closeup showing what a difference paint can make!



Tell’er All About It has started the checklist!  One down!  Now we don’t have to worry about leaky windows this winter!  Phew!!!


5 thoughts on “Before & After Bliss: More Curb Appeal!

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