What…is your quest?

What…is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?  And other questions unanswerable….

We’re back!  After our whirlwind tour of the Great State of Ohio including 2 major metropolitan areas, two 14 month old teething nephews, 3 parents, 1 debauchery-filled wedding, one pee-your-pants ride on Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, and 10,000+ frequent flier miles between the two of us…* we are home, ready to hunker down and complete our quest!

We’re making a list and checkin’ it twice…

…just in time for Christmas!  J’s Mom and two brothers are spending Christmas with us this year and our quest is to get our house in to the following orders:  SAFE, FUNCTIONAL, and CLEAN!  Our deadline is December 20th, the day that J’s Mom will be flying from Cleveland to Portland and the following projects need to be completed before then.  Here is the category breakdown:




This is our quest!  Will our fearless Bloggers finish in time?  By hook or by crook we certainly hope so!!!  We will be updating this list certainly in between now and then and if anybody happens to be in the Pacific Northwest and is able to throw in a hand here and there, please feel free to let us know!

*This was a hint.  We do not have any planned trips back to Ohio until at least OU’s Homecoming of next year (fingers crossed).  We have begun a quest!  Come visit us in the Great Northwest!

Update:  We have since linked up to the various projects we have tackled that were initially listed in this post.  Feel free to click on the links above to see how we tackled each one! 


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