Being back in Ohio for a week made us realize that there were a few small tweaks we could make to the site to make it a little more user friendly.  We will definitely be getting in on that throughout the remainder of this month – and hopefully get on with some more house projects, too!

We wanted to give a small tutorial on how to Subscribe to this blog if you’re interested.  I’m not a huge fan of subscriptions myself, but there were quite a few people who couldn’t quite figure it out, so we’re here to show you how easy it is to do so you will get an email *only* when we update the blog (which lately we’ve tried to do once a day).

First and foremost-ly, you need to click the button to your right that says “Subscribe to Tell’er All About It by email”.  Look at the picture below for a relative location on your web browser:

Subscribe 1 copy

Once you’ve clicked on it, either a new window will pop up or a new tab (depending upon your browser) and it will take you to another site called Feedburner.  It’s a division of Google, so don’t worry it is SPAM-FREE!!!!!  You need to enter your email address into the box above and enter the “secret word” in the box below and it should look a little something like this (though everybody’s secret word will be different):

Subscribe 2

Click on “Complete Subscription Request” and another window will pop up that looks like this:

Subscribe 3

You’re not finished yet!!! Log into your email account and depending upon your email service, you should receive an email from a place called “Feeburner Email Subscriptions” and the email should have the Subject line of “Activate Your Email Subscription to: Tell’er All About It”.  It shouldn’t be in your SPAM folder (neither Yahoo! or Gmail thinks of it as SPAM), but you may want to check your SPAM folder if you don’t get it within 60 seconds after sending the initial request.

Click on the email (it’s safe, don’t worry!) and the email should look a little like this (a *lot* like this if you use gmail):

Subscribe 5

YOU NEED TO CLICK THE BLUE LINK PROVIDED IN THE EMAIL! Go on…click it!  You know you want to….This will take you to a site that will tell you the following:

Subscribe 7

It’s that simple!  And you will only get one email per day if any changes have been made, regardless of how many posts there are!

Honestly, it’s a little more complicated than the traditional subscription service primarily because Feedburner wants to be sure that you don’t get SPAM, they don’t get SPAM, and that makes for happy readers and happy Feedburners!

Happy Subscribing!  I hope this helps everyone!



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