Mid-Project Update

Hiya! We’re on the road….again!  I know, I know – we are *never* in Portland on the weekends, which probably explains why when we *are* in Portland, we are working like dogs to get our house in order.  I will update the urgency reasoning in a later post (and, NO, it’s not a bun in the oven!).  For now, however, enjoy a post from the road!

Family Room!  You may recall our previous problems with this room.  It’s actually *finally* starting to come together as a room that isn’t so terrible to look at anymore.  But it did start out a little bit more like this:

DSC_0005 2

…and this:

DSC_0004 2

Ha Ha!  I know, I know.  Everyone thinks I’m crazy, I just know I need external forces to motivate me!  And I had a *really* hard time deciding on a color in the family room for the fireplace wall.  I knew we wanted a color that was just slightly different in color, but the same shade (meaning, the same dark-light level).  It took us awhile (as evidenced in the photos above) to decide on a color, so our walls were looking more like Swiss Cheese than painted.  On Labor Day, we couldn’t let the boys have all the fun, so the ladies were indoors making a mess on the walls!  So since I’m on the road, I can’t give you the full effect “before”, but go to this post to remind yourselves of the wall color.  It was my favorite – Builder’s Buttercream!  And now it’s this:

DSC_0008 2

and this:

DSC_0006 2

Glidden’s Whispering Wheat on the Fireplace and Glidden’s Water Chestnut on all of the other walls.  All the guys in the room are screamin’, “Where’s the color?”.  I know, I know – it’s a very subtle difference, but we have a plan, we promise!  And we have yet to paint the “TV Nook”, but that will get done when we get back to PDX.

..and in case you couldn’t tell, we have *finally* settled on a floor plan – the floater meets conversation kerfuffle!  My Doctor and my Psychoanalyst would be so proud ;-).  And until we can save up dinero to buy a new chair-o,  we are substituing a dining chair in for a little while, but we have our eyes on a Slipper chair from the land of Tar-jay.

Lastly, we will be hanging pictures when we return to Ory-gun, I promise!  It’s been a slow transition to decide on furniture placement and we didn’t want to hang anything until we made a final decision on that.  So keep your pantyhose on – we’ll get there eventually!


PS  Are you wondering how we picked the paint colors in this room?  Then head on over to this link and learn a little bit more about how to pick the right paint color!


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