Design Star?

The Season Finale of HGTV’s Design Star was Sunday night and J&I had to wait until 10pm to watch the whole thing (in PDX, we can watch it on HD at 7pm – score!).  We missed True Blood, too, but we’ll watch that when we get home – hooray for OnDemand!

J&I were really rooting for Dan Vickery, mostly because he was *really* good, but marginally because he’s from Portland and is just really cute.  Anyway, had we been in Portland, we would’ve gone to Kell’s Irish Pub for the closing party, but here is a fun re-cap of the events from the viewpoint of a fan.  Sad we missed it!  Sad Dan lost, but I think Antonio will bring something different to HGTV, which we are really looking forward to!

Dan, you’re the best!  Would love to meet you in person sometime!  Hero worship swoon!



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