Champagne (Art) on a Beer Budget

I’ve often wondered if I were ever to be on “Inside the Actor’s Studio with James Lipton”, how I would answer some of his Bernard Pivot Questions:

James: Number 5.  What sound or noise do you love?

L: The sound of a champagne cork popping!

Oh, it’s the *best*!  It signals so many wonderful things for me.  New beginnings.  Celebrations.  Effervescence.  Cups overflowing.  Romance.  Holidays, etc, etc.  Sometimes, for no reason at all, my hubby and I will go out and buy a bottle of champagne when we feel most sad for there has to be *some* reason to celebrate, even if we have to look within to find it.  I *love* Champagne!  Admittedly, though, I don’t often drink it because it *is* rather expensive…

James Lipton: Number 3.  What turns you on??

L: Aside from my hubby and a whole slew of other things (like Champagne, wine, and good food!), I’d have to say a good bargain!

Ooooh…I love’s me a bargain!  Love’s it!  And in these penny-pinching days, bargains have never been so sexy!  Seriously!  If you told me you could get a decent bottle of Champagne for under $10 and have it be *really* good….like just the right amount of bubbles, small ones, close together, distributed throughout the drink with no bite or sourness, then put me to bed, dear friend!  I am *all* about that!

So when I was browsing over on one of my favorite blogs (All Bower Power – links to the right), I just couldn’t help noticing her Crafts Page and all of the fun (and cheap) art pieces she’d been working on.  Since I have more time than money these days, why not give them a whirl?!?  In particular, this simple art project had me salivating like Pavlov’s Dogs that I simply had to give it a whirl, especially since it involved ZERO artistic ability!  Champagne on a Beer Budget, anyone?

Basically, she took inspiration from this $200 number at Z Gallerie (the Gallery where good looks can be debt-inducing):

750453943Cute, huh?!  So Katie at All Bower Power actually put something together in Microsoft Paint (yes, PAINT!  I learned how to use a mouse on this program in art class growing up!!).  Instead of putting together signs from NYC, she did them from her home states!  How clever is that?!  Heck, I can do that!  And here is what I came up with:


Seriously, anybody can do this project it is SO simple!  The hardest part is actually sitting in front of a computer screen with Google Maps in one window and Paint in the other.  I just sat down and took our two home states (previous and current) and picked cities, landmarks, and parks that would show up on a map and inserted them into Paint and voila!  Easy-peasy artwork for close to free it’s disgusting!  In fact, the priciest part of this whole art project were the frames – and at $4.99 apiece from Ikea, I can handle that!

So here’s the Price Breakdown:

  • Artwork:  FREE!  Save for the hour or so it took me to construct it in Paint
  • Frames:  $4.99 RIBBA frames from Ikea (at the *new* low 2010 price)
  • Print Job: $1.00 for 4 copies from Impact Printing here in Beaverton, OR
  • TOTAL: $10.98!

And the fun thing about this project is that it would make such a cute gift idea, too!  Especially for a couple who are getting married and have lived in a few different places!  And it’s not just limited to States – you could do it for two cities, two universities, two schools, two countries, etc, etc.  It’s a classy and understated way to acknowledge not only the written word, but geography, too!

Champagne…on a beer budget!  Love’s it!

Happy Labor Day, everyone!  BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG project here at Tell’er All About It this weekend – stay tuned!  HUGE-ola, so can’t wait to show you the results next week!



7 thoughts on “Champagne (Art) on a Beer Budget

  1. That’s really cute L. If I had any place for it, I would do that also….well no place, and little fingers are getting into everything many things are being stored….hopefully temporarily.

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