Free Makeover Weekend!

If you’ve been reading the blog regularly, you may have noticed a little blurb on Friday about a “Free Makeover Weekend”.  I certainly hadn’t forgotten about that little “Easter Egg”.  Although, I must admit, J & I spent a little bit more time at the LPGA tournament this past weekend than truly participating in our “Free Makeover Weekend”, but I digress…my liver is still recovering…

The idea was to play with some setups, hang some pictures that we still haven’t hung yet from the move, and just generally try to save our moolah for other more pressing projects!  FREE was the name of the game!

1)  A new home for a family favorite: We finally moved our ugly Lazy-Boy Rocker/Cuddle Chair out of the family room and up to our Master Bedroom.  So named because our dog, Maggie, is *only* allowed on this chair for a little cuddle.  Oh, the pictures we have….Cost:  FREE

2)  Dress those walls, will ya? Finally, we hung a little “gallery” in the corner of our bedroom with frames that I’ve had lying around for awhile.  Surprisingly, they are all the same frame just different sizes (The Wood Gallery Collection from Pottery Barn in Espresso).  I substituted a few pics from other frames to create a gallery with pictures from our wedding that I’ve had unframed for awhile.  Oh, and I also printed off our wedding vows (handwritten by J&I) and put them in the top frame for a little personal touch.  I know, we’re sickly romantic, huh?  Cost: FREE


At last, an un-empty corner in our Master Bedroom!  And if you’re curious about how we hung it so precisely?  It’s easy!  Take a little tip a la Martha Stewart and find a large piece of paper that you can put on the floor and arrange your frames as you wish.  We used wrapping paper because I have a lot of it and it doesn’t hurt or stain your walls like newspaper might.  It’s also easy to cut and nail through which is also helpful.  So here is the back of the paper:


It’s probably difficult to see, but we actually used a Sharpie pen to create “nail holes” where we knew our nail holes would be.  Then we hung this large piece of wrapping paper on the wall with painting tape, nailed precisely where the marker was, removed the paper, and hung our pictures!  It’s great, super duper easy, and so much more efficient then the twenty hole routine which we’ve done in the past!  HA HA!

More FREE updates to come.  To whet your whistle in the meantime, check out our fun wrapping paper artwork… what the…?




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