Furniture switch-a-roo

Oh, bother!  So we need a little bit of help.  Luckily, the hubs came home last night with a wee bit o’ energy, so I decided it would be fun to move furniture!  LOL!  Actually, not really – we’re giving ourselves a theme this weekend – Free Makeover Weekend!  Yup, we’re big dorks, but we still haven’t hung any of our pictures on the walls for fear that we could have a better furniture layout waiting in the wings somewhere.  So here’s where I’m going to air the dirty laundry and ask for some serious opinions…

Exhibit A:  Our Family Room aka “The Off-Center Conversation Kerfuffle”



Side A, Side B – you get the point.  But J & I don’t like sitting on the couch and having to turn our heads in order to see the TV.  Let’s be honest, this is a “TV Room”, so we gotta go with that focal point for the moment.  However, this layout probably makes the most sense, especially considering the barren and ridiculously long wall behind the couch.  But I am persistently annoyed with the off-centered-ness of the conversation from the TV.  Sit in the two side chairs and you have to turn head 90 degrees to see TV – annoying!  Make a mental note of Exhibit A while we move onto Exhibit B…

Exhibit B: Our Family Room aka “The Floater and Reason #1 behind why long walls suck!”



Admittedly, Exhibit B is not perfect either.  With our couch+2 end tables it would be around 9 feet of real estate.  I believe our room is about 11-13 feet wide, so definitely not an option.  However, this set up makes the most sense with our focal point (the TV/fireplace) and we’ve gained so much real estate behind the couch we could almost put another conversation area back there to have more seating!

Exhibit C is Exhibit A floated in the center of the room to work with the fireplace/TV combo, though we haven’t photographed that yet.  It seemed a little awkward when we did it…

Thoughts?  Kerfuffles?  Opinions?  Why did this house have to have an awkward family room??



7 thoughts on “Furniture switch-a-roo

  1. We have this problem with our whole house! Nothing is laid out well! I like option 1 as far as the look and layout, but I agree with you – I hate having to turn my head to watch TV. But we have had our family room laid out like that for well over a year, and you get used to it after awhile. It works better than having a 20 foot solid wall with nothing on it.

    Or you can do what we are doing and add on/remodel your entire house to fit your needs.

  2. Not sure the builders ever thought this would be a tv room…but that’s a really deep nook on the mantle, if your crt fits all the way in…

    Why not put the tv on a diagonal in the corner between the fireplace and the sliding glass door? It’s kind of wasted space as it is right now – you’re not going to put a chair there, and the shelf is either too short or too narrow to really work in the space. Yeah, you’d need another piece of furniture, but hey, Justin’s table saw can cut a square piece of wood on a diagonal, right?

    Once you do that, you can put the couch back on the long wall, leather chair at rightish angle, and recliner…well, somewhere else (too bad you already drove to SLC – Ryan could probably use a good reading chair).

    Oh, and you should probably go ahead and hang something (anything) on that wall…even at 400 pixels wide, it looks ridiculously bare…

    • It *is* ridiculously bare! And don’t worry – the recliner is up in our bedroom – Maggie likes it too much for us to part with it just yet.

      We’re going to live with Exhibit B until next week just to see how we like it, but that long wall is just screaming to be taken up with some sort of furniture real estate, that’s for sure!


  3. So in my professional opinion (haha), if you want to keep option B which for practicality I prefer for you as well, then I would do a grouping of pictures, or canvases or something along the long wall. I can tell you right now, once you put something up along that wall you will not hate it. You may not necessarily need a furniture piece, sometimes that can only clutter up a room. Of course this is all just going off of pictures, but just thought that I would give you my opinion 🙂
    I hope it helps!! love the house, it looks great! Glad to see you’re coming along on it!!

    • Thanks, Julie! As a “professional” (and you know I value your opinion), does practicality trump style? Lord knows in this situation – all I know is that that is one very awkward room!

  4. We have a similar problem in our living room. Our house is very small, so the living room doubles as a family room. You probably already have the room arranged the way you want it, but if you ever think of moving things around again, I think, I would try floating that couch out from the long wall. What I mean is turning it at an angle. It may not be directly across from the TV, but you’d still get a decent viewing angle from most spots on the couch. I’m not sure about the arrangement of the other tables and chairs. It would just be something to try, and see if it works with your other pieces. Eventually, this is what we ended up doing in our house. Plus, with the kids, we have toy storage behind the couch.

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