Before and After Bliss: Our Garage!

What a crazy couple of weeks it has been! I’ve been traveling and we’ve been working away on our house bit by teeny bit! My Mother has even traveled all the way from Ohio to help us get more “situated” this week. Lemme tell ya, she’s a slave driver! But she’s a slave driver in a way that a deep-tissue massage feels wonderful after a long day of hard work. In a sense, it’s a very GOOD thing. More on our accomplishments later!

We did want to share our amazing Garage Re-organization with you because it’s just too amazing not to share! We have a small-ish 2-car garage and it has never been our intention to park both cars inside of it. It’s the Pacific Northwest after all, and unlike the Midwest where you need to park your car inside for the winter, most people park their cars outside because, let’s face it, we rarely get snow, hardly any ice, and the rain we do get is so misty that you hardly get your hair wet by the time you walk across the driveway to get into your car. However, our garage was suffering from serious post-move neglect and since we have free slave labor (thanks, Mom!), a re-org was definitely in order. For the groan-inducing before, please read on:

I know, right? Doesn’t that just scream, “Help me!” And if not that, then perhaps a wee bit of, “Oh, it can wait until next summer, right?!?” HA HA! We had to move one dining table from the garage (which da hubs was using as a work table – yikes!) and my giant computer armoire that needed to go upstairs – what a chore that was! But once those were out of the way, we set to work clearing, cleaning, throwing away, opening more boxes, etc, etc. Even the Magsters got involved:

Well, not really….

But after about 3 hours, we had ourselves an organized and ready-to-go garage! We have many plans for it, including building a work bench for J, pegboards, ski storage, bike storage, etc, etc, but for the moment, this is as good as it gets!

Beautiful, right?

In more detail, however, here are a few highlights. We created a temporary coat hook and mudroom system with some screw-in hooks we had lying around for our grubby “garage coats” and shoes (the Dyson is an added bonus):

We set up an old Ikea desk from college to use as a workbench until we can build a “real” one. J loves having a workspace and a spot for his multiple toolboxes:

We set up some much-needed kitchen storage for all of those random things you just don’t want to keep “on-hand” (i.e. Holiday and Christmas dishes, etc). We also needed extra storage for paper goods and cleaning supplies. And it has doors and is closed away so that sawdust and dust won’t get to it:

And, lastly, since we knew we would never park 2 cars in this garage, we went ahead and set up the far side of the garage with sporting goods and painting supplies and left enough room to store our Recyclables and trash in the garage. J’s table saws and other things are also set up on that side, out of the way and easy to access for all of the fun projects we have planned (wink, wink, nudge, nudge):

So there ya have it, kids! Our organized garage, courtesy of a slave driving mother, a sleeping dog, a motivated husband, and me as the emergency backup lifter!

It’s an adventure, we hope you stay turned for the journey!



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