First and Foremost….

It’s official! We are homeowners! Sort of….maybe….not yet at all, actually….*sigh*…

Even though we are “closed” in the eyes of our lender, our checks have been cashed, and the Escrow Company thinks we’re great, etc – the bank from whom we purchased our lovely Foreclosed property is not so keen. To protect the innocent, they shall remain nameless! Essentially, the Bank (current owners) forgot to sign some paperwork eons ago when they initially took possession of the property and, as such, we are waiting in limbo until “Bank time” catches up with “Teller time”. Not to be confused with “Miller time”, which is definitely what we will be having when we get the keys.

So for now, we are waiting. In limbo. Patiently waiting….

6 thoughts on “First and Foremost….

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